Teen attacked for speaking English

Posted By: CJAD · 9/25/2012 5:17:00 PM

A St. Leonard Mother is outraged, after her 17 year old son was viciously attacked because he spoke English.

The family, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect themselves, says last Saturday following supper with visitors, five teenagers, cousins went for a walk.   Around the corner, near a park, a man between 18-20 began hassling them, hurling racist epitaphs their way.

"In French that man said, ici a Quebec, il faut que tu parles Francais, or something like that, went up to my son's face and my son just kind of put his hand to his chest and said please move back, in English.  And, he got in his face and was screaming hey Gee, hey Gee ( a derogatory name for Italians), and turned around and punched him in the face twice."

The Mom tells CJAD the guy reached into his pocket for something.  That's when her son and four others ran home to call police, who in turn brought in an ambulance.

She blames the politicians for ramping up the language rhetoric, especially since the P.Q. win, with the issue now boiling over and turning violent.

Police have not yet arrested a suspect.

The family is expecting medical test results within a few days.

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  1. MTL Maniac posted on 09/25/2012 05:57 PM
    i wonder if marois will comment on this matter...prob not!
    1. Rudolph S posted on 09/27/2012 09:09 AM
      @MTL Maniac ...she will give the Punk a new IPhone 5 and pay his tuition for the next 10 Years of Kindergarten (en francais bien sur )
  2. AnitaH_3 posted on 09/25/2012 06:38 PM
    Sad to say this is only the beginning, enough said....for now.
  3. Mark posted on 09/25/2012 06:51 PM
    For starters, the younger Québécois generation says "Hey G" all the time; it's not in any way, shape or form a derogatory word for Italian people. Secondly, maybe someone can slap some French into the mother, as she obviously can't put together a simple sentence. This is Quebec, learn to respect the language.
    1. Jon posted on 09/26/2012 07:38 AM
      @Mark This is Canada where children should be safe to walk the streets regardless of the language one speaks. It is not a crime to speak any language in our streets and crimes against children of all races here in our society are not acceptable. Any self respecting member of society would be shocked and ashamed to read this article. Your comment is despicable. The cowardly person who did this should be removed and incarcerated for a long time as they have no place in this society.
    2. JennyZ posted on 09/26/2012 07:39 AM
      @Mark @Mark, I do not understand what you are saying here Mr. Mark. When have you heard that English people have beaten, sworn, or scorned someone for speaking French. Oh let us see NEVER!!! Sad to say, but the French are taking things out of hand now. They want everyone to speak French on THEIR OWN TIME well they can take a long walk off a short peer. WE ARE STILL IN CANADA and in CANADA you are free to speak any language you wish. I was in VERMONT (you know the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) and a bunch of ignorant french speaking Quebecers harassed a teller for not knowing how to speak to them in French. Seriously??? The WORLD does not revolve around Quebec.
  4. Robinson posted on 09/25/2012 09:38 PM
    how many times did english people insulted french people ?? how many times did english people attack french people. Its not about whos the leader now. Its about acceptance. This woman is clearly stupid for blamming it on the P.Q. Stuff like that happen all the time but you never hear it when its a french person.
    1. Jon posted on 09/26/2012 07:43 AM
      @Robinson So you support violence against children wow i am glad i will not have to grow up in your vision of society and ashamed as a Canadian that people like you would even think that this is acceptable in 2012.
    2. Laure posted on 09/26/2012 09:44 AM
      @Robinson If everyone is going to use what has happened in the past in their argument, there will always be conflict! Get over it!! Respect, respect, respect each others right to belong in Quebec....if one has an issue with that, then look in the mirror....there is the problem!
  5. Aubey Laufer posted on 09/25/2012 10:05 PM
    We have the right to speak any language we want too.
    If the P.Q. claim we must speak only French in Quebec.
    The last I say Quebec is still part of Canada
    Bill 101 is unconstinual in both Canada and the United Nation.
    The United Nation charter says each country must protect the minority in the country.
    Canada signed this.
    That Canada must protect the French outside Quebec and the English inside Qubec.
    1. vincent lagrange posted on 04/21/2013 03:22 PM
      @Aubey Laufer In 1982, Trudeau led a coup in order to repatriate the Canadian constitution. By the way, Quebec has nener signed this constitution!
  6. amx posted on 09/26/2012 12:39 AM
    6 AGAINST one, some friends he has..
    1. John M. Rankine posted on 09/26/2012 09:52 AM
      @amx This reminds me of the days during WW2 when a English person walking alone and would meet a group of French lads they would jump on him and beat him up. One on one they would run the other way. There was an incidence when a WAC whose husband was over seas was getting off the streetcar, she was acousted by a growen up male who looked at her and then spat in her face. here we go again back to the 40's
    2. itsthemoney posted on 09/26/2012 12:30 PM
      @amx I was a wuss when I was 16...
      But I mean, I'm sure if they had gained the upper hand in the situation, this article wouldn't be here and french media would be reporting on a "anglo-on-franco hate crime"
  7. SoniaA posted on 09/26/2012 09:38 AM
    Unfortunately, all i've been hearing since Mrs.Marois won are stories like this. It seems to have gotten to a new high. I am afraid for our future. This is a very sad time for Quebec.
    1. mahogany posted on 09/26/2012 03:30 PM
      @SoniaA Mark is what you call ignorant ..weather or not the kids can speak French who give him the right to hit any one...we have a saying where i come from ...monkey know what tree to climb.
    2. vincent lagrange posted on 04/21/2013 03:09 PM
      @SoniaA Don't be fooled! If you've been hearing stories like that since Mrs.Marois won, it is pure propaganda. The federalist English are scared by the separation of Quebec so they try to discredit the PQ by these so-called anti-anlo news. It is impossible that none of these stories have never happened during the 9 years that the Liberals were in power. Absolutely impossible! The big question is why the Englis media are covering it now but not before?
  8. Fran posted on 09/26/2012 10:12 AM
    History repeating itself. I remember living on the South Shore 55 years ago and the French & English fought. All they needed was a look their way and one of the French would bully us. My brother had a French speaking friend, best buddies, one day they went to the French school nearby for a fair and they both got beaten up so bad and their 10 speeds bikes were so mangled. Family moved to Montreal but after I moved back to the South Shore, 20 years ago, when my daughter was 4 we went to a Walmart store in Longueuil she was pointing to some Barbie dolls and asking for one, 2 teenage girls turned around and told her to speak French because we were in Longueuil, husband turned around and told them off all in French. She is completely bilingual now. Don't go to that store because it's still uncomfortable to go in. Just a shame that stories like this get out and it's all against English while other cultures can have anything in their language and not get bullied.
  9. Richard posted on 09/26/2012 10:40 AM
    Where do I even begin with this?

    Someone needs to smack some sence into you
    This is Quebec and this is Canada. Both are free....We have the right to speak to one-another in any language we please...
    How does it change your life if I speak to a friend or family member in English? Do you toss and turn at night knowing that there are people who have the nerve to speak engish among themselves?

    When has it happened that a french person was attacked for speaking French?
    It not because the person is french that you dont hear about it...Its because it doesnt happen...Of course its the PQ fault! They are the onew who pay people to go around looking for englsh to complain about....They are the one who have now said that speaking French is no longer enough...We have to read French newspapers and watch French TV(which is all English but translated) and listen to French music..So yes I blame the PQ!


    Unless this person's cousins were 10-12 years old. I dont see why they didnt jump on the clown and hold him untill the cops got there...It was 5 against 1
  10. Josh Z posted on 09/26/2012 11:52 AM
    English family's in montreal took a lot of crap for many years, not only did every sign become french but politicians are just rasict, Montreal has a long english history with the french and in this day and age the french shouldn't be greedy like this. What is the point in spending millions on changing stop signs to arret in an english area. The english are being fair in terms of bilingualism, the whole county of Canada puts french 50/50 with english in terms of how big the writing is (on signs, food packages, etc). I am the third generation living in montreal and my native land is against my own language, the english are the mature ones here because we have no problem with the french and being fair and polite about the bilingual province.
    1. Andrew S posted on 09/30/2012 12:13 PM
      @Josh Z I agree with you Josh.The day the PQ won, and the day this stupid lunatic in his 50's shot at Paulin Marois was the day I just knew things were going to go bad.Free Quebec from these language issues. The man who had attacked this poor anglo was probably high on drugs and or drink at the park. He reached into his pocket. We all know what that could lead to. Maybe a stabbing perhaps???
  11. Paul posted on 09/26/2012 11:58 AM
    Quebec seems to have a fairly large segment of its population who are hillbilly xenophobes. You can witness this sort of attitute almost anywhere you go. Reminds me of the metro ticket taker who insults tourists for speaking english. Very small minded. They are like a North American version of theTaliban. No class at all and dumb as apes.
  12. Annie posted on 09/26/2012 12:14 PM
    Actually in Quebec we speak quebecois....we don't speak french. There are many countries that can say they speak proper french...and Quebec is not one of them!
    1. quiz posted on 09/30/2012 02:42 PM
      @Annie that is correct because Quebec is not a country
  13. Thomas posted on 09/26/2012 01:55 PM
    This is absolutely crazy and pure racism. What business is it of yours what language someone else speaks when they are by themselves or with their own group? Instead of trying to progress forward and learning another language to increase your job prospects and enhance your abilities, people in this province harass people who are bilingual or trilingual because of their own insecurities. Only in Quebec would you be seen as evil because you can speak more than one language.

    When I visit Ontario, I hear a lot of French being spoken in the streets and in the buildings, I never see a non French speaking person in Ontario harassing the Francophones because they are not speaking to each other in English.

    It is uneducated, ignorant and insecure racists that would do something like this. Why didn't CJAD publish my comments from last night, they were right on the mark.
  14. Frank posted on 09/26/2012 04:06 PM
    The perpetrator is an embarrassment to the French speaking community. This attack is an isolated case and does not represent the millions of harmonious interactions that take place in various languages in our school yards, malls and workplaces. I hope this loser is charged with assault, bigotry, and racism and punished to the full extent of the law. If not, he better pray that he didn't beat up on a person whose family has tendencies to exact their own justice.
    1. myidoru posted on 09/29/2012 10:37 AM
      @Frank This isn't isolated, I am on social networks and hear about it several times a week- most people are silenced or ignored- the real problem. Then people feel comfortable saying it isn't a real issue when it is a constant horrible one. There are some areas where it never comes up but those people are Lucky, not the norm.
  15. Alfredo... posted on 09/27/2012 12:26 PM
    You see here Quebec wich makes part of Canada we should all speak French and English and it's the choice of each one of us to be confortable with eigther...but no one and specially French people needs to act this way...legal actions must be taken. You see English is spoken in around 60 countries around the world and French is spoken in about 35 countries, Canadians have the best of both worlds...
  16. Friedrich posted on 09/30/2012 02:46 PM
    these kids did the right thing by calling the police, no use in beating up this ignoramus otherwise the media would spin it that it 5 english kids beating up a French guy. I would recommend this family to move to the west island where its CANADIAN where you can speak french or english without having to worry about getting clobbered for speaking either language. Anyone who defends this freaks actions deserves a history lesson.

    all i know is that if another FLQ comes about, it will be complete anarchy with these dillusional twitballs
  17. AlexM_es_335 posted on 10/02/2012 10:27 AM
    The major issue with English/French comes from a generation of parents upset about the result of the first referendum. They taught their children that in Quebec, you speak French, and that's all you need to know. I went to school with those kids, because I unfortunately moved from greener-grass Ontario to the South Shore right before I started school. fast forward to when Mrs. Marois was minister of education, and you get the lowest possible effort in teaching those poor bastards any kind of English. I went to Cegep in French, I was tutoring students from 19 to 25 years of age, all coming up with 8 years of academically trying to teach them where the ''h'' sound should go, and they couldn't conjugate a verb to save their lives. Meanwhile, most English speakers I know CAN and WILL speak a few words of French, if not a whole conversation, when it is required. The way we learn French, we call it additional culture; the way they're taught English, they call it assimilation...there used to be French Canadians, now, you're either Canadian, or Québécois...it's sad to see such a beautiful country clogged by a few stubborn ignorant and undereducated people...
    1. townshipper posted on 10/04/2012 01:50 PM
      @AlexM_es_335 Nicely done AlexM- Anglos learn french it is called additional culture, Francophones taught English it is called assimilation! Canadian or quebecois... also a good point. I am an English Canadian Quebecer! Imagine if the federal government called the seperatist bluff and forced seperation, only not all of quebec, go back to the historic lines - partition is what it is called I guess. Keep the maritimes connected to canada, they should not suffer because of seperatists and leave the former english lines in tack- yes montreal would be divided... east -west, But imagine how much aggravation we would save our kids! You want out of one of the best countries in the world...you got it, but no more hand outs from the federal government, no more transfers, no more army.... You can do it all Pauline and seperatists, GET OUT! you dont deserve the peaceful vibrant Canadian life! Preach your racist hatred in a country all your own, oh but wait, who would pay? Who could you blame foe all your problems???? Out you go! Yes I am all for partition now- at least i would no longer be a second class citizen in the very country my grandfathers faught to protect.
  18. MTL Maniac posted on 10/02/2012 11:23 AM
    we live in the worst city in the country..hightest taxes..we r treated as 2nd class citizens..no big surprise that these kids r getting beat up....if we do separate..our HABS....will be clled...les Montreal Separatistes!
  19. townshipper posted on 10/03/2012 01:18 PM
    Racism is alive and well here in Quebec. Systemic racism towards Anglophones is fostered and encouraged. Have a look at the UN policies on Systemic racism... it is very blatant here. We all need to work hard and speak out against this type of "anti-anglo propoganda" being taught to young quebec francophones. Propoganda leads to violence. Just say NO to racism and racist laws like bill 101.... Where is the Charter of R & F here in Quebec?? Stop the racism against ANGLOS!!!
  20. JamesR_1055 posted on 10/04/2012 03:32 PM
    Times have changed.

    In the old days, if one guy tried to punch a younger guy who was with four of his friends, they'd all jump him and he'd be lucky to escape with his life.
  21. Finn posted on 10/04/2012 04:20 PM
    So I as a tourist that does not speak French should not come to Quebec and spend my money then, Ill let all my mates know this as well so none that I know will ever put their foot in Quebec, not our loss tho as I believe once this gets out not many tourists will want to go there and would rather go and see other parts of Canada where they will feel welcome ;)
    1. Paul posted on 10/04/2012 11:47 PM
      @Finn Sad but true. The last thing you need on your vacation is to put up with these inbred xenophobes.
  22. Cragg posted on 10/05/2012 11:48 AM
    A friend of mine (from overseas) was hurled insults a few days before the election, by a customer at Home Depot in St. Henri for talking English to a cashier who had no problem speaking in English.Other customers soon joined screaming "Ici a Québec nous parlons le français". When the casher called security, the friend dropped her purchases left in tears.

    THIS IS THE DIRECT RESULT of the rhetoric from Pauline Marois and her xenophobic crew. It's exactly what they want - to create the winning conditions by chasing us out of the province (Yes it's a province - not a state as the PQ refer to it)

    The last time practices like this were politically encouraged was pre-war Germany.
    This is just the beginning....... it won't get better.
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