Coalition supports PQ's values charter

Posted By: Richard Deschamps · 9/24/2013 3:29:00 PM

A group of well-known Quebecers, including former politicians and a former justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, are banding together to show support the Parti Québécois' controversial Charter of Quebec Values.

The group calls itself the Rassemblement Pour La Laïcité (Gathering for Secularism), and it's an umbrella group of prominent Quebec groups and individuals, including the Quebec public sector workers' union (SFPQ), the progressive separatist group SPQ Libre, and individuals such as former FEUQ leader Martine Desjardins, former Supreme Court justice Claire l'Heureux Dubé, former PQ language minister Louise Beaudoin, former union leaders Lorraine Pagé and Gérald Larose, and singer Paul Piché.

The group is organized by former Concordia University professor Michel Lincourt, who says the provision for banning religious symbols is the only way to keep Quebec secular.

"Out of respect for everyone...if you work for the government and you are paid by my taxes, you have to respect me and all citizens the same way," Lincourt says.

The group is also pushing for the crucifix to be removed from above the speakers' chair at the National Assembly, and the five-year opt-out clause for hospitals and schools be removed.

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