New York assembly approves religious symbol bill

Posted By: Angelica Montgomery · 1/17/2014 5:12:00 PM

New York state is in the process of passing its own legislation on religious attire that would have a near-opposite effect to the Quebec secularism charter.

The bill "clarifies" that it is illegal for an employer "to require a person to violate or forego the wearing attire, clothing, or facial hair."

It was approved by the state assembly this week with a vote of 133 to 1. The decision took place on the same day Quebec began its hearings into its charter of secularism.

"Someone's religion is sacred," says assemblyman David Weprin, who sponsored the bill. "Someone shouldn't have to chose between observing their religion and making a living and supporting their families."

Widespread support

The legislation, which must still be approved by the senate and sanctioned by the governor, could pass into law as early as February due to widespread support from both Republicans and Democrats.

Weprin says he ...

Wall mounted heater recalled

Posted By: Margoe Edwards · 12/24/2013 10:39:00 AM

Be careful if you have recently purchased an Uberhaus wall mounted convection heater at Rona or Reno-Depot.


A manufacturing defect may cause overheating.


The 17,000 recalled products were bought between April 2010 and November 2013.


Customers who have this product should immediately stop using it and return it to a either a Reno-Depot or RONA store.


No injuries have been reported so far.


Model Number: HC09C15

Product number: 63545004

Members of Canada's Filipino community come together

Posted By: Canadian Press · 11/10/2013 12:14:00 PM

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has said Canada will provide as much as $5 million to support humanitarian organizations helping typhoon victims.

A massive relief operation is underway, with some Canadian organizations deploying teams to the Philippines.

A four-person rapid response Global Medic crew has left Toronto for the Philippines, taking with it water purification units and other supplies.

Meanwhile, the director of CARE Canada's humanitarian assistance and emergency team said his organization plans to provide immediate essentials like shelter, water and food to communities that have lost everything.

Typhoon Haiyan raced across the eastern and central Philippines this weekend, inflicting serious damage to at least six of the archipelago's more than 7,000 islands.

It weakened as it crossed the South China Sea before approaching northern Vietnam, where it was forecast to hit land either late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Canadians needing urgent consular help following Typhoon Haiyan ...

Missing autistic man found

Posted By: Margoe Edwards · 11/10/2013 11:17:00 AM

Elliott Henry-Alexandre, an autistic 28 year old man who had been missing since Saturday afternoon, was found safe and sound Sunday morning by Montreal police.  

It seems that man had taken a long walk from his home in Plateau-Mont-Royal to Saint-Henri, where he was spotted by officers.  He has since been reunited with his parents.

The man, who has the mental age of a seven year old child,  left his home on Messier street around 1 Saturday afternoon to go for a walk.


Photo:  Montreal Police

UPDATE: No apology from Coderre after controversial video makes rounds

Posted By: Patrick Lejtenyi · 11/1/2013 9:10:00 AM

Mayoral frontrunner Denis Coderre said he won't apologize for comments that were leaked inn online video last night.

In the video, Coderre tells a group of Hasidic Jews that if they want his friendship and support, they should not split the vote.

He added he doesn't need division.

Reaction has been swift and predictably divided along partisan lines.

Projet Montreal city council candidate Craig Sauve said the comments show that Doderre wasn't interested in representing people who didn't vote for him.

"I don't think we should engage with other communities or different groups from a position of power and threaten them saying, 'If you don't support us, then I'm not going to be there for you."

Projet Montreal leader Richard Bergeron described his comments as "Just a new aspect of what is old politics: it's a negotiation in a closed room with each specific group, each community," he said. "If ...

Lasalle man charged in connection with airport disturbance

Posted By: Canadian Press · 10/28/2013 4:26:00 PM

A 71-year-old Iranian-born man with a legally altered name faces three criminal charges in connection with an alleged attempt to bring explosive material onto an airplane.

He was charged today over the incident, which paralyzed Trudeau airport for several hours yesterday and caused Airlie St. in Lasalle — where he lived — to be shut down while a police search went on.

The defence lawyer tells reporters that his client was transporting a bag belonging to someone else.

A bail hearing is scheduled tomorrow for Antony Piazza, who was born in Iran and whose name was originally Houshang Nazemi. It was under that original moniker that he received a 10-year sentence for drug trafficking in the mid-1980s.

He made a brief court appearance today, where the Crown objected to his release.

He faces three charges — being in possession of an explosive substance; conspiracy to transport an explosive substance on ...

More bombshells from Sen. Duffy

Posted By: Canadian Press · 10/28/2013 4:22:00 PM

Sen. Mike Duffy is dispensing more bombshell revelations in the Senate, this time about a second payment related to his ongoing expense scandal.

Duffy says Conservative party lawyer Arthur Hamilton was involved in a scheme to cover his $13,560 legal bill.

The second payment is in addition to the original $90,000 cheque from Nigel Wright, former chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, that touched off the whole controversy over Duffy's expenses.

An audible gasp went up from senators in the upper chamber as Duffy dropped his latest bombshell.

Duffy says the payments were part of an elaborate plan orchestrated by the Prime Minister's Office to make the controversy over his expenses go away.

He says he was well within the rules in filing his expenses, and that the true amount of claims that were in violation of the rules totalled less than $500.

Revise midwifery protocol, says coroner after newborn's death

Posted By: Shuyee Lee · 10/28/2013 4:04:00 PM

A Quebec coroner has issued a series of recommendations for midwives to try to prevent another death of a newborn at a birthing center.

The incident happened at the Lac St-Louis birthing center in Pointe Claire June 21, 2011. The newborn girl suffocated during birth.The coroner found that it was prompted by the prolonged second stage of delivery. Catherine Rudel-Tessier also concluded that the midwives didn't seem to know how to react to the signs of lack of oxygen to the baby.

The coroner recommends reviewing procedures including resuscitation and protocols on when to go to the hospital, as well as having defibrillators on hand.

Marie-Ève St. Laurent, president of the Quebec Order of Mid-Wives, insists that the majority of recommendations are in place and that their practice remains a safe one.

"It was really an exception," St. Laurent told CJAD 800 News.

"It was a very tragic incident for ...

Laval residents have tough choice Nov. 3

Posted By: Shuyee Lee · 10/28/2013 3:00:00 PM

Laval residents have nine candidates to choose from on November 3rd for the mayor's job.

But the issue of integrity appears to be a common thread when talking to some of the main Laval mayoral candidates.

Action Laval's Jean-Claude Gobé, a long time former Liberal MNA, said he's all about an open government à la Obama, with citizen consultation offices and meetings.

"With that, it's like a house of glass," Gobé said.

Marc Demers of the Mouvement Lavallois is promoting a whistle blowing policy, to ensure elected officials and municipal workers report illegal and unethical activity. He said his 20 years as a police officer will help.

"I was fighting against crime, the mafia, organized crime," Demers said.

"I denounced publicly the way Gilles Vaillancourt was managing the city."

Vaillancourt was arrested last May along with 37 others on charges of fraud against the government, conspiracy, abuse of confidence, municipal ...

Marois asks Couillard again to run in Viau by-election

Posted By: Shuyee Lee · 10/28/2013 2:23:00 PM

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois is once again challenging Quebec Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard to run in a by-election in the Montreal-area riding of Viau.

Couillard has said he'd be open to running for a seat in the National Assembly in that riding, once Marois made it clear she would not call a snap election but would hold two by-elections instead, one in Viau and one in Outremont.

Marois has called on Couillard before to run in the Viau riding and she did it again today.

"I think it's important for the leader of the Liberal Party to be in the National Assembly because it's a place where we (make) decisions about the population of Quebec and it's the place of a leader to be there," Marois told reporters.

Marois reiterated that she would not run a candidate against him.

"I hope he will accept my invitation," she said.

Couillard said ...