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Thursday, March 14th

How long will it take to clear all of this snow? Montreal's top snowman, Jacques-Alain Lavallee joins Andrew at 7:10 and at 8:40, movie reviewer Richard Crouse gives us a sneak peak of this weekend's big box office releases. Read more >>

Thursday, March 6th

Pollster Jean Marc Leger weighs in on the Quebec election campaign at 7:10, Liberal leader Philippe Couillard joins Andrew at 7:17 and tabloid talk show host Jerry Springer joins Andrew at 8:10 to discuss his new show “Tabloid” on Investigation Discovery Read more >>

Monday, March 3rd

Everything you need to know the morning after the Oscars when ETALK host Tanya Kim joins Andrew from Los Angeles at 8:10 and at 8:40, nutritionist Leslie Beck tells us why eating grilled meat could put you at a greater risk of developing Alzheimer's and diabetes. Read more >>

Thursday, February 27th

We’ll have another chance to win tickets to see Julio Iglesias at 6:50, Jean Lapierre joins Andrew at 7:40 and movie reviewer Richard Crouse discusses “Non-Stop” and gives us a look ahead at the Oscars at 8:40. Read more >>

Wednesday, February 27th

Personal fitness star Jillian Michaels joins Andrew at 7:10, Dr. Joe Schwarcz drops by at 8:40 and we’ll have another chance to win tickets to see Julio Iglesias! Read more >>