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The Free For All

Share your opinion


Each day the show begins with Free For All, a half hour discussion about the top stories and issues of the day featuring varied opinion including yours.  

Contributors include CJAD 800's Tommy Schnurmacher, Rabble.ca Quebec bureau chief  Ethan Cox, Provacateur Communications managing partner Dan Delmar co-host of Delmar and Dwivedi Sunday afternoon's at 1, The National Post's Barbary Kay, The Huffington Post's Supriya Dwivedi, The Gazette's James Mennie, McGill management professor Karl Moore, Newstalk 1010 Toronto and CJAD 800's John Moore, Sun Media's Ryan Doyle, and the National Post's Matt Gourney.

The lines are always open for your opinion.  Please join us by calling 514-790-0991, *8255 via cell or text 514800.