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at 21:27 on December 20, 2014, EST.

B.C. poultry supply unaffected by avian flu; turkeys brought in to meet demand

VANCOUVER - Poultry producers are assuring B.C. residents there will be plenty of turkeys on store shelves during the holidays despite an avian flu outbreak that has killed thousands of animals.


at 19:14 on December 19, 2014, EST.

B.C. report says closed-minded government probe led to health workers' firings

VICTORIA - A British Columbia government investigation that prompted the firings or suspensions of seven health researchers failed to follow existing procedures and reached premature conclusions, a labour lawyer says.


at 18:07 on December 19, 2014, EST.

Low oil prices forcing Alberta to look at deferring capital projects: Prentice

CALGARY - Alberta Premier Jim Prentice says a number of capital projects, including a new cancer-care centre in Calgary, may have to be delayed due to falling oil prices.


at 18:05 on December 19, 2014, EST.

Canadian Forces medics, 2nd mobile lab heading to Sierra Leone for Ebola fight

TORONTO - The federal government says Canadian Armed Forces health-care workers and support staff will travel to Sierra Leone on Saturday to begin an Ebola-related mission.


at 15:22 on December 19, 2014, EST.

New Brunswick to face cost of $500,000 to $700,000 with more abortions

FREDERICTON - New Brunswick's health minister says increased access to publicly funded abortions is expected to cost the province between $500,000 and $700,000 more per year.


at 15:18 on December 19, 2014, EST.

CDC: Flu is widespread in more than half of US states, hitting the South and Midwest hardest

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Health officials say the flu is now hitting hard in parts of the country, especially the South and Midwest.


at 14:36 on December 19, 2014, EST.

Police identify man who died during arrest at Nova Scotia special care home

RIVERTON, N.S. - Police have identified a 49-year-old man who died as he was being arrested at a special care home on Tuesday in northeastern Nova Scotia.


at 08:39 on December 19, 2014, EST.

No smoke: Americans still can't puff with impunity on Cuban cigars

WASHINGTON - At the cigar lounge two blocks from the White House, Cuban smokes aren't on the menu just yet.


at 01:52 on December 19, 2014, EST.

Discredited Japanese researcher resigns after lab fails to replicate stem cell breakthrough

TOKYO - The Japanese researcher whose claim of a major breakthrough in stem cell research was discredited resigned after the government lab where she worked failed to replicate her results.


at 00:12 on December 19, 2014, EST.

Minnesota health officials say 2 deaths linked to listeria-contaminated caramel apples

MINNEAPOLIS - Minnesota health officials say two people died and two others became ill this fall after eating prepackaged caramel apples contaminated with the bacterium listeria.


at 20:22 on December 18, 2014, EST.

Ice bucket challenge misfires for drunk man who ended up arrested

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Sask. - A man has been arrested in North Battleford, Sask., after his ALS ice-bucket challenge misfired.


at 18:28 on December 18, 2014, EST.

Only third of eligible organ donors identified; 1000s await transplants: report

TORONTO - While thousands of Canadians wait for transplants that could alter or save their lives, many potentially willing organ donors are never identified or don't make it through the complex donation process, says a report by the Canadian Institute for Health Information released Thursday.


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