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at 12:25 on November 23, 2014, EST.

HEALTHBEAT: US seeks to shore up world's blind spots in preparation for next disease outbreak

WASHINGTON - The next Ebola or the next SARS. Maybe even the next HIV. Even before the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is brought under control, public health officials are girding for the next health disaster.


at 17:51 on November 21, 2014, EST.

Alberta officials ID residue on surgical instruments as polishing product

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - Alberta Health Services has identified a fine, dark residue found on surgical instruments in Lethbridge.


at 16:46 on November 21, 2014, EST.

Some insulin pumps may have faulty tubing connector, can detach: Health Canada

TORONTO - Health Canada is warning of a potential safety issue regarding insulin pumps for diabetics distributed by Medtronic of Canada Inc., Roche Diagnostics, LifeScan Canada Inc., and Auto Control Medical Inc.


at 16:25 on November 21, 2014, EST.

Alberta company charged for employing child under 15, failing to protect him

EDMONTON - An Alberta contractor is facing child labour and safety charges after a 14-year-old employee fell from a roof.


at 13:34 on November 21, 2014, EST.

Theft prompts Vancouver Police warning over drug that caused rash of overdoses

VANCOUVER - Vancouver Police are warning drug users to be careful about their purchases after the recent theft of a powerful drug that resulted in 31 overdoses last month.


at 11:36 on November 21, 2014, EST.

Patients of Abbotsford acupuncture clinic told to get tested for HIV, Hepatitis

ABBOTSFORD, B.C. - Patients of an Abbotsford, B.C., acupuncture centre are being advised to get tested because they may have been exposed to HIV and Hepatitis B and C.


at 08:19 on November 21, 2014, EST.

Cuban doctor infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone arrives in Switzerland for treatment

BERLIN - A Cuban doctor who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone arrived in Switzerland for treatment and was able to walk off the transport plane, a Geneva medical official said Friday.


at 00:49 on November 21, 2014, EST.

US officials acknowledge - but downplay - debates in Liberia over how to beat back Ebola

NEW YORK, N.Y. - U.S. officials acknowledged disagreements over co-ordinating the international response to the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, but they say most issues are being worked out and the overall fight against the disease there seems to be succeeding.


at 18:21 on November 20, 2014, EST.

Police investigating after newborn baby found dead in back yard of Regina home

REGINA - Police are investigating after a newborn baby was found dead in a back yard of a home in north-central Regina.


at 16:01 on November 20, 2014, EST.

Worst case scenario is off the table, but where are Ebola numbers going?

TORONTO - The Ebola apocalypse scenario is off the table. But where exactly is this epidemic going?


at 16:13 on November 20, 2014, EST.

Saskatchewan government calls on ombudsman to probe senior's death

REGINA - The Saskatchewan government is requesting an investigation into the death of a woman whose family says she was neglected at a seniors care centre.


at 16:06 on November 20, 2014, EST.

Ontario bill targets fraud to help cut auto insurance premiums by 15 per cent

TORONTO - The Ontario legislature passed a bill Thursday aimed at reducing car insurance rates an average of 15 per cent by next August from where they were in the summer of 2013.


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