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at 20:55 on March 02, 2015, EST.

B.C. terror suspects build bombs ahead of alleged Canada Day plot: trial

VANCOUVER - Just days ahead of an alleged bomb plot, a British Columbia man grew fearful that he and his wife would be forced to "take the fall" if they became a liability to an Arab businessman they believed was helping them carry out their planned Canada Day attack, their trial has heard.


at 20:41 on March 02, 2015, EST.

Face shots, IDs of soldiers headed for NATO training mission banned by DND

OTTAWA - The media was barred from photographing or interviewing Canadian soldiers as they left Monday for a training mission in eastern Europe, a broadening of a ban imposed last fall at the height of concern over Islamic State terrorists.


at 14:24 on March 02, 2015, EST.

'Crack video' extortion preliminary inquiry for Rob Ford's friend begins

TORONTO - A preliminary hearing into extortion charges began Monday for a friend and former driver of Toronto's infamous former mayor Rob Ford.


at 19:10 on March 02, 2015, EST.

B.C. ferry navigator convicted of negligence turns to Supreme Court of Canada

OTTAWA - A former ferry navigator who was convicted of criminal negligence in a fatal sinking off the British Columbia coast is asking the Supreme Court of Canada to review his case.


at 18:52 on March 02, 2015, EST.

Suspensions lifted for men in Dalhousie dentistry Facebook page

HALIFAX - Dalhousie University in Halifax has decided to allow 12 male dentistry students to return to clinical practice less than two months after they were suspended for allegedly participating in a Facebook page that contained sexually violent content about female classmates.


at 18:26 on March 02, 2015, EST.

Canada's former foreign affairs minister at epicentre of Iran nuke debate

WASHINGTON - Canada's former foreign affairs minister is expressing skepticism about Iran as nuclear talks with that country enter a sensitive phase.


at 18:02 on March 02, 2015, EST.

'Just skin and bones:' mother to be sentenced for abuse, starvation of twins

EDMONTON - Social worker Sheli Steil remembers when two-year-old twin girls were taken to hospital after being beaten, neglected and starved.


at 17:44 on March 02, 2015, EST.

Want the government to build a Death Star? Online petition may get an answer

OTTAWA - A digital petition once famously forced the White House to provide official comment on an oddball suggestion for stimulating the U.S. economy: building a heavily armed intergalactic space station.


at 17:37 on March 02, 2015, EST.

Ontario man accused of killing two B.C. children appears in court

ABBOTSFORD, B.C. - A 67-year-old man charged with first-degree murder in the historic deaths of two young girls has made a brief court appearance in B.C.'s Fraser Valley.


at 17:42 on March 02, 2015, EST.

More Ukraine sanctions possible if ceasefire problems continue, says Nicholson

PARIS - Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson says Canada may impose more sanctions on Russia if it continues to violate the ceasefire with Ukraine.


at 17:37 on March 02, 2015, EST.

Court full as preliminary hearing starts for accused in Calgary stabbings

CALGARY - Several people wept softly and dabbed away tears in court Monday as the preliminary hearing began for a man accused in Calgary's worst mass murder.


at 17:36 on March 02, 2015, EST.

Tory MP claim that sex-ed curriculum puts kids at risk 'disgusting': Liberals

TORONTO - A Tory MP's suggestions that Ontario's updated sex-education curriculum was drafted by a man charged with child pornography and puts children at risk are "disgusting," the province's education minister said Monday.


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