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at 14:07 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

Ukraine PM offers thanks to Canada for support in struggle against Russia

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper called Ukrainian counterpart Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Thursday to discuss the latest developments in the region.


at 14:12 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

World's most expensive plumbing job? Military divers become plumbers in Arctic

OTTAWA - Expensive house calls by plumbers can be nerve-racking for homeowners, but this plumbing job in Canada's high Arctic is one for the record books.


at 14:03 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

Towering Vancouver Island tree officially second-largest in the country

PORT RENFREW, B.C. - As trees go, it is one colossal conifer.


at 14:02 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

Canadians agree with 'common sense' electoral reform, Poilievre says

OTTAWA - Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre says regular Canadians like what his government is doing with the Fair Elections Act.


at 14:01 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

Alberta, Ottawa spend $1.35 million to keep province free of deadly pig virus

EDMONTON - The federal and Alberta governments are spending $1.35 million on a plan to help keep diseases that kill pigs out of the province.


at 12:10 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

Ottawa proposes new target-benefit pension scheme, no changes to CPP

TORONTO - Ottawa is proposing to create a new pension plan that would be an alternative to defined-benefit plans, generally favoured by workers, and defined-contribution plans, which are favoured by employers.


at 13:45 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

Elections commissioner halts robocalls probe, says no evidence for charges

OTTAWA - A three-year investigation into allegations of fraudulent robocalls during the last federal election has found no evidence of intent to deceive voters nor any evidence of an orchestrated scheme beyond Guelph, Ont.


at 13:42 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

Baloney Meter: Are Canada's job numbers really the best in the G7?

OTTAWA - "Since the worst of the recession in July 2009, our government has created over 1 million net new jobs. This is the strongest job growth over the recovery among G7 countries."


at 13:26 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

Newfoundland faces 'unacceptably high risk' of power outages in future

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - A consultant's report on Newfoundland's power failures in January blames insufficient generation and equipment maintenance, and says there's an "unacceptably high risk" of future blackouts.


at 12:43 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

The five Senate reform questions the Supreme Court will address Friday

OTTAWA - When the Supreme Court hands down its advice Friday on what it will take to reform or abolish the Senate, it will answer five questions asked by the federal government:


at 13:18 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

Speeding Ferrari driver sidelined, fined, young passenger OK, in B.C. incident

VANCOUVER - Mounties say they're appalled by the actions of a Ferrari driver from Langley, B.C., who used area roads as his personal race track.


at 12:37 on April 24, 2014, EDT.

High court to issue constitutional road map Friday on Senate reform, abolition

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper went to the Supreme Court looking for a road map for Senate reform.


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