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at 13:49 on October 08, 2015, EDT.

Political showdown over Syrian refugees re-emerges on campaign trail

OTTAWA - The political debate over the plight of Syrian refugees has re-emerged on the campaign trail, with media reports that suggest the Prime Minister's Office temporarily halted their entry into Canada, citing potential security threats.


at 13:44 on October 08, 2015, EDT.

Key recommendations in a report into the Rehtaeh Parsons case

HALIFAX - Some of the recommendations made by a review of the Crown and RCMP's handling of the Rehtaeh Parsons case:


at 13:30 on October 08, 2015, EDT.

Review says Crown decision in Rehtaeh Parsons' case was reasonable

HALIFAX - A review into the handling of the Rehtaeh Parsons case by the RCMP and Nova Scotia's Public Prosecution Service says it was reasonable of the Crown to conclude there was no realistic prospect that sexual assault charges would result in conviction.


at 11:43 on October 08, 2015, EDT.

U.S. security fears led to Syrian refugee case slowdown in Canada

OTTAWA - The bureaucratic arm of the Prime Minister's Office ordered a security review of Syrian refugee cases this summer as a result of intelligence reports in the U.S. suggesting refugees could pose a threat to that country.


at 13:05 on October 08, 2015, EDT.

No blood or DNA from Dennis Oland on father or at crime scene: court hears

SAINT JOHN, N.B. - A forensic identification officer with the Saint John police department says no blood or DNA from Dennis Oland was found on Richard Oland or at the crime scene where the 69-year-old businessman was killed in July 2011.


at 12:57 on October 08, 2015, EDT.

Manitoba child- welfare system in crisis and a 'national disgrace:' critic

WINNIPEG - Critics say Manitoba's child-welfare system is in crisis and is a national disgrace for its high apprehension rates.


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