Archive: The Next Gang of Four with Dan Delmar

The Next Gang of Four with Dan Delmar, the predecessor to Delmar & Dwivedi, was a forum for some of Montreal's up-and-coming leaders in media, politics, business and the arts. You can listen to over two years of archived programs here.


The End - Nov. 4 (series finale)

In the last episode of The Next Gang of Four, before the switch to Delmar & Dwivedi (Sundays at 1pm), Dan welcomes Supriya Dwivedi, Alexandre Meterissian of The Prince Arthur Herald and Alexa Azran of Weizmann Canada.

Posted 11/12/2012 5:47:00 PM


The Woodshed - Oct. 21

NDP MP Laurin Liu, Velvet Speakeasy promoter DL Jones and blogger Stephanie Darwish talk about Conservatives wanting to take Laurin to the "woodshed," heritage minutes, corruption and the NHL lockout.

Posted 10/22/2012 5:08:00 PM


728 The Bully - Oct. 14

CTV News reporter Maya Johnson, The Huffington Post blogger Supriya Dwivedi and CJAD 800 producer Chris Paré chat about daredevils, aggressive police officers, language and more.

Posted 10/16/2012 5:11:00 PM


Arnold and Omar - Sept. 30

Jeff Moss, CJAD announcer and 4th Wall comic book guy, Paris Mansouri of CJAD and comedian Peter Radomski debate Arnold's indiscretions, Omar's return to Canada, scalpers and more.

Posted 10/1/2012 5:13:00 PM


Return of the Red Squares - Sept. 23

Comedienne Robby Hoffman, journalist Laura Beeston and CJAD's Michael Forian on the return of student-protesters, iPhone hysteria, modern families and the PQ reaching out to Anglos.

Posted 9/24/2012 2:47:00 PM