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Jim Popp on firing Dan Hawkins, the lawyer for the man accused in the Cote St Luc standoff & more. AUG 1.

- Ted Kritsonis, Consumer tech journalist on whether Canadians or Americans pay more for cell phones.
- AUDIO: Michelle Knight's victim impact statement at the Ariel Castro sentencing.
- Lance Morgan, Spokesman for Powell Tate on the "Civility in America" survey.
- Jeffrey Boro, Lawyer for Isidore Havis, the man involved in the marathon standoff with police in Cote St Luc.
- Jim Popp, GM and now head coach of the Montreal Alouettes after firing Dan Hawkins.
- Greg Saber, CBS Reporter in Cleveland, Ohio on the Ariel Castro sentencing.
- Justin Giovannetti, Globe and Mail Reporter on the latest from Lac Megantic.

Posted 8/1/2013 7:05:00 PM


Osheaga director Nick Farkas & who will pay for the Lac Megantic cleanup? JUL 31

- Dr. Anna Reid, President of the Canadian Medical Association on poverty being a barrier to health.
- Nick Farkas, director of the Osheaga Festival on its exponentially growing success.
- Emmanuel Labelle, Director of the I.G.S. security guard school on whether or not a bouncer could have prevented the random beating death on St Laurent.
- AUDIO of an Ed Burkhardt interview with North Country Public Radio.
- Avrom Shtern, rail-transport policty analyst on who will have to pay for the Lac Megantic cleanup.
- Larry Magid, CBS Technology Analyst on new revelations about the NSA surveillance program.
- David Rohde, Reuters & The Atlantic Columnist on Israel-Palestine talks.

Posted 7/31/2013 7:09:00 PM


Musi-Cafe waitress on the Lac Megantic bar rising like the phoenix, marijuana legalization, Olympian Charline Labonte on controversial Russian anti-gay laws. JUL 30. (Abe Hefter sitting in)

- Bruce Friedrich, Coordinator of The Someone Project on pigs being as smart as children.
- David Des Marais, senior space scientist at NASA on Curiosity's 1 year anniversary on Mars.
- Shu Yee Lee, CJAD Reporter on the suspect appearing in court after the random beating at St Laurent & Ste Catherine.
- James Mennie, Montreal Gazette Reporter on the mayoral race.
- Karine Blanchette, Waitress at Musi-Cafe on the new Musi-Cafe d'ete in Lac Megantic.
- Patrick Leijtny, CJAD Reporter on the standoff in Cote St Luc.
- Joe Neuberger, Criminal lawyer from Toronto on marijuana legalization.
- Charline Labonte, 3 times Olympic Gold Medalist, Canadian National Hockey Team on controversial anti-gay laws in Russia.

Posted 7/30/2013 6:46:00 PM


Pope Francis' big announcement, Palestine-Israel talks, Toronto Police shooting controversy. JUL 29. (Abe Hefter sitting in)

- Edwina Follows, Executive Producer at Discovery Channel Canada on JFK: The Smoking Gun.
- Andrew Collas, Editor in Chief of Zenith Comics on HEROIC.
- Justine Lewkowicz, Newstalk 1010 reporter & Doug Hurley, former Montreal police commander on the controversial police killing in Toronto.
- Anne Leahy, Former Canadian Ambassador to the Vatican on the Pope's announcement today.
- Claude Dauphin, President of Federation of Canadian Municipalities on rail transport safety.
- Dan Raviv, CBS News correspondent in Washington on the Israel / Palestine talks.
- Dr. Dev Cheema, Ophthalmologist at Montreal General on a 68 year old man getting his sight back.
- Anie Lemieux, Montreal Police spokeswoman on the 38 year old man who killed a 68 year old woman in the street.

Posted 7/29/2013 6:56:00 PM


Unplugging on vacation, Eddie Izzard and being optimistic pays off. JUL. 25.

- How to unplug from vacation, with executive coach Joel Garfinkle
- All about CrossFit with trainer Vince Tremblay
- Optimists deal with stress better than pessimists. Concordia PhD student Joelle Jobin explains
- British comic Eddie Izzard
- Verdun man and musician Justin Stuart was robbed of 8 guitars... while he slept.
- You couldn't do this! But a couple of people can... weird stuff people do, with Discovery host Jay Ingram.

Posted 7/25/2013 6:38:00 PM