• AARON: Who's right? Mayor Coderre or the imam?

    This one is shaping up to be the most fascinating court case of the year, if it ever gets that far. A local Imam, an Islamic religious leader, says that if Mayor Coderre doesn't apologize for tarnishing his reputation, he will sue. The mayor's answer ? See you in court. Read More
  • AARON: Sweating the Small Stuff

    Whenever I talk to people I meet at public events, and the subject turns to Montreal, invariably the discussion turns from what is happening in the city, to what's NOT happening here. It's a consensus that's growing louder, and it's becoming disquieting. Read More
  • VIDEO: Little girl clearly lying to her mom about not using lipstick

    There's a video of a little girl trying to convince her mom that she didn't get into her make-up . . . but there's lipstick all over her face, so she was clearly lying.  Eventually she came clean, but the mom had to prod her a little. Read More

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