• AARON: This is what winning $60 million looks like

    Twelve people who work for a used car website in Canada pooled their money last month, bought a bunch of lottery tickets, and just hit the jackpot for $46 MILLION.  Dennis Cartier is the guy who bought the tickets, and he found out on a Saturday.  But he didn't tell any of the others until their morning meeting the following Monday . . . which he showed up to in sandals and a t-shirt.  There's a video on YouTube of them when they all find out . . . and they go nuts .  (Here's the part where they go crazy.  They'll each get about $3.8 million, but they all say they're planning to keep their jobs for now. Read More
  • AARON: Bear destroys woman's kayak, woman tries to reason with bear

    And now here’s a novel way to deal with a bear… Try talking to it, because as everyone knows bears understand English.. although this might have been more effective had the woman in question actually referred to him by his name, and not just “bear.” Read More
  • AARON: 6-year old girl catching a massive bass will make you smile

    video of a little girl went viral over the weekend, because she catches a five-pound bass with her pink, Barbie fishing pole.  She looks like she's about six, and her dad is with her, but SHE hooks it and reels it in.  She's so excited she couldn't stop laughing, and apparently she'd never caught anything before.  Read More

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