• AARON: When Adele was Jenny

    Adele was on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and there;s a BBC special on her on TV this week, part of which is her pretending to be an Adele lookalike. She had her look changed and showed up at auditions with none of the other women who were there auditioning having any clue that the woman pretending to be Adele, was actually Adele.  Read More
  • AARON: Singer covers every James Bond theme in 1 minute

    A singer named Chad Neidt did a mash-up that includes lines from all 24 James Bond theme songs in a minute. The video is posted on YouTube, and it's pretty cool. Read More
  • Friday, October 30, 2015

    - At 5:05 remembering the 1995 referendum with former premier Jean Charest. Read More

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