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  • Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer joins Andrew

    Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer will be in Montreal next Wednesday, July 23rd for the Canadian launch of his new romantic comedy Hit by Lightning as part Just for Laughs Festival.  Jon Cryer joined Andrew this morning to chat about his family, his new film and of course, Two and a Half Men. Read More
  • Dad responds to Magic!'s Rude

    You've probably heard the hit song Rude by Magic! about a father being "rude" for not letting the singer marrying his daughter. Well, here's the hit song- but from the dad's perspective!  Read More
  • Viral video: Anti-gambling PSA backfires

    A month ago, when this topical anti-gambling PSA out of Singapore was made, no one would have predicted that Germany would have destroyed Brazil in the World Cup. Since Germany's win, the PSA has backfired in a way and has therefore gone viral:  Read More
  • Brett Hart drops by CJAD

    Wrestling legend Bret Hart dropped by the CJAD studios on Monday morning to chat about WWE Monday Night Raw at the Bell Center, his legendary career and of course, the famous “Montreal Screwjob”.  Read More
  • 2-year-old Amputee Learns to Walk!

    2-year-old Kayden Kinckle was born with a condition which doctors said he had little chance of surviving... let alone learning to walk. Here's an adorable video of Kayden walking for the first time: Read More
  • Tuesday, July 8th

     Just for Laugh's Nasty Show host Bobby Slayton joins Andrew in studio at 7:10 and at 8:10, we'll introduce you to two Montrealers competing in this season's "The Amazing Race Canada" Read More

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  • Tuesday, July 22nd

    Al Madrigal, the star of NBC's About a Boy joins Andrew in studio at 8:10 and at 8:40, Dr. Mitch Shulman answers the question: "Is it bad to hold it in"?

    Read More

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