About The Show

The Barry Morgan Show, weekdays from noon to 3pm, is an informative, entertaining and sometimes provocative program hosted by a journalist who’s been in the business for 24 years.

From noon-1pm the show is a reflection of the top news stories of the day, with a focus on what matters to Montrealers.

From 1pm-3pm you'll hear a mix of entertaining and provocative stories through a variety of feature interviews and series of contributors.

Mondays at 2pm: Dr Laurie Betito gives you her take on the relationship news of the week. 
Tuesdays at 2pm: Dr. Mitch Shulman answers your health questions. 
Wednesdays at 1:30pm: Tech Analyst Carmi Levy breaks down this week in tech.  
Thursdays at 2pm: Film critic Richard Crouse tells you which movies to see, and which ones to skip this weekend! 
Fridays at 12:50pm: A look back at the week in Canadian politics with CTV Ottawa's Bureau Chief and the host of Question Period, Robert Fife.