This is how I started working in radio; I pestered Gord Sinclair until he gave me a shot. That was in December of 1987 when I started doing weekend overnight newscasts. Then I got promoted to weeknight overnight news.

A few short years later, I got to cover sports for CJAD. I left at one point to work on television, returned to CJAD, left again and have since returned.

Ever since I was a kid growing up In Ville St Laurent, I wanted to work in radio. I never imagined myself doing anything else. (Something to do with being lousy in math and science.)

I studied journalism at Concordia. They even let me teach a course there. So being lousy in math and science can actually pay off.

Ken Singleton, who once played for the Expos and later was part of their broadcast crew, called me ‘The Voice’. Who am I to argue with a former big leaguer?

So I get to tell people what I think (which I really enjoy) and listen to what people have to say(which I enjoy almost as much).

My wife is my best friend and our son is the greatest gift imaginable.

When I have some spare time, I still like to read, play a little golf and listen to the radio.