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  • Carl Palmer is coming to Montreal!

    Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake and Palmer will be in Montreal in a few weeks. He shared some of his time with us today, looking back on his career and what he thinks of today's music scene. Read More
  • The Muffin Lady hard at work

    When you were in school, how did you pay for your tuition? With muffins? Didn't think so. But Rachel Chainey, a Concordia University student, is raising money to pay for her tuition by baking muffins, and a lot of them. Read More

On The Show

  • October 21st, 2014

    Do you share a bedroom with your partner? You'll hear from a woman who says her life is much better now that her husband sleeps in another room. We'll talk health news with CJAD health expert Dr Mitch Shulman. If you like Fleetwood Mac, good news; you'll get a chance to win a pair of tickets to their show in Montreal. Read More

Barry Morgan

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