About The Show

Ever imagine what law school is like? If you want to try, tune into CJAD 800 every Sunday at 5pm.

The legal lounge is a unique radio show where listeners have the opportunity to benefit from an hour of free legal information. Information that you would otherwise have to hire a lawyer to get, pay hundreds of dollars in legal fees, take time off work and make an appointment with a lawyer just to get an answer to a question.

Listening to the legal lounge will get you those answers.... for free!

Christopher Dimakos is a member of the Quebec Bar as well as the Law Society of Upper Canada. Although his career started with one of the biggest firms in the Country, he decided that what he wanted to do with his law degree was make the law more accessible to those who needed it the most. He ventured out on his own and now runs his own practice where he successfully pleads before various courts and tribunals for his clients.

Christopher is one of the few attorneys who is able to explain the law so that listeners can obtain the guidance they need. In collaboration with CJAD, Christopher uses the radio as a forum where listeners are educated on our laws and advises them how to react to different conflicts.

Every week, Christopher discusses your job, your family, your house, your credit, your purchases , and even your estate. There is no subject that goes beyond the scope of the show.

Knowledge is power!

Empower yourself by listening to the legal Lounge!