About The Show

Living Better Host:  Elizabeth Stafiej

Living BetterA lifestyle show that's about feeling your best no matter what your age. Health, personal well being, fitness, romance, travel, successful aging, issues that affect us all.

A fresh look into all aspects of life 40 years and beyond!

Being at the halfway point of our life and considering we have a fair chance of hitting 80, what is the significance of this and how we look at life differently? So much about the quality of this second phase depends on safeguarding our overall well-being. 

Time to emerge from Midlife Paralysis and take the midlife itch to another level. What's prompting our urge to change? Whether it's finding ourselves at that classic "Is that all there is?" juncture on the career front, or realizing that the aches and pains are creeping up on us, or feeling the need to turn back the clock - the legitimate concerns and feelings force us to step back, re-evaluate life and attempt to discover its sense of purpose. 

It's about changing the attitude and addressing real concerns, learning new skills and having the courage to change successfully and live a long healthy life. We're helping you write your ticket to a healthy midlife transition both physically and mentally.

Health issues, relationships, family dynamics, fitness, career, financial planning, midlife transitions, lifestyles and trends - A new and innovative view on life and tapping into the betterment of your personal self. 


For questions or inquiries, write to us at: livingbetter@cjad.com or visit www.lecambridge.ca