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  • Passion week of April 21st

    Monday night join us for the Boys Club when we have Ryan Ryder, Irwin Lambersky and Alouettes Josh Bourque on the panel. Tuesday night I will answer all of your sex and relationship questions. Wednesday night, join our TeenTalk panel. Thursday night we will have a discussion on conjugal violence with counsellors from Auberge Shalom. Friday night it's all about the Sex in the News. Read More


  • Sexual enlightenment

    As I celebrate the Festival of Lights this week, I started thinking about enlightenment.  And seeing that I talk about sexuality more than anything else, I started thinking about what it means to be sexually enlightened. Read More
  • Sex gets better with age........No, really it does!

    Many people assume that getting older means a decline in EVERYTHING that was once good (energy, body, sex, etc.).  This is not what the research says however. Read More
  • Wedding Contest

    Do you know of a special couple who deserves the wedding of their dreams? Love Share Events, a non-profit organization that believes in "paying it forward" is now accepting applications and nominations for their Love Share Wedding Contest. Read More
  • Porn is not real sex!

    Of course most of you know this already.  But ask the teenager who has had a steady diet of porn sex for years.  Do you think he/she thinks it's completely fake? Read More


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