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  • Passion week of September 15th

    Monday night we talk with Dr. Clifford Albert during our Beauty Tips segment. He will answer all of your questions about cosmetic procedures. Tuesday night you will hear a Trouble Tuesday. Wednesday night, join myself and my friends for the Passion View. Thursday night, Dr. Cleve Ziegler will join me for the Vagina Dialogues. Friday night, it's all about Sex in the News. Read More


  • Passion celebrates 15 years on the air!

    This month marks the 15th year Passion has been on the air on a nightly basis.  I am proud to have been part of the CJAD family for all these years.  For those who are newish to the program, let me give you a little history.  Prior to 1999 and since 1991, I was a regular co-host on a show called The Loveline, on what was then Mix96 (our sister station).  That show aired once a week for 2 hours and was extremely popular with young listeners.  Initially, that show was hosted by Rick Moffat.  Eventually, Rick was promoted to Program Director of CJAD and he decided to take a risk, and add some spice to Montreal's #1 talk radio station by inviting me to do a show on sex and relationships.  I'm happy to say that the show was well received, minus a few listeners up in arms about the whole thing.  Actually, I think some people were more upset about the billboards on the Decarie expressway that read "Honk if you're horny, Listen to Passion with Dr. Laurie Betito".  But mostly, people had a good laugh about the ads.  I calculated that I have done approximately 3,000 episodes of Passion; have received and answered at least twice as many emails and have attended at least a hundred charity events representing our station. I am so grateful to all the people involved--past and present--with the show, and to all the listeners, some of whom have been listening since the beginning.  I feel blessed to have the privilege and opportunity to do a job that I absolutely love.  Thank you CJAD and thank you dear listener---I am truly humbled. Read More
  • Sexual enlightenment

    As I celebrate the Festival of Lights this week, I started thinking about enlightenment.  And seeing that I talk about sexuality more than anything else, I started thinking about what it means to be sexually enlightened. Read More
  • Sex gets better with age........No, really it does!

    Many people assume that getting older means a decline in EVERYTHING that was once good (energy, body, sex, etc.).  This is not what the research says however. Read More
  • Wedding Contest

    Do you know of a special couple who deserves the wedding of their dreams? Love Share Events, a non-profit organization that believes in "paying it forward" is now accepting applications and nominations for their Love Share Wedding Contest. Read More


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