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  • Passion week of April 14th

    MOnday and Tuesday I will be off, so you will be tuning in to a best of Passion. Wednesday night, my girlfriends join me in studio for the Passion View. Thursday night, Dr. Cleve Ziegler joins me for the Vagina Dialogues. Friday night, it's all about the sex in the news. Read More


  • Sexual enlightenment

    As I celebrate the Festival of Lights this week, I started thinking about enlightenment.  And seeing that I talk about sexuality more than anything else, I started thinking about what it means to be sexually enlightened. Read More
  • Sex gets better with age........No, really it does!

    Many people assume that getting older means a decline in EVERYTHING that was once good (energy, body, sex, etc.).  This is not what the research says however. Read More
  • Wedding Contest

    Do you know of a special couple who deserves the wedding of their dreams? Love Share Events, a non-profit organization that believes in "paying it forward" is now accepting applications and nominations for their Love Share Wedding Contest. Read More
  • Porn is not real sex!

    Of course most of you know this already.  But ask the teenager who has had a steady diet of porn sex for years.  Do you think he/she thinks it's completely fake? Read More


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