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Why do Russian female weightlifters gobble stanozolol?  Are men genetically-driven to rule the remote?  And just what form of cryogenics keeps Dick Clark looking so young?  These are just some of the scientific questions that Dr. Joe could lay to rest, if he wasn't so busy answering the burning questions that are on your mind, and his.
Dr. Joe has the answers to all of your questions about the chemistry of everyday life. Plus interviews galore with leading scientists from around the world. 

Talk to the man behind the lab-coat.  And click on http://www.oss.mcgill.ca/ anytime.

The Dr. Joe Schwarcz Show. Sundays at 3:00 on Montreal's News Talk Radio, CJAD 800.

Email me at: joe.schwarcz@mcgill.ca


  • Smoking Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs in beds of course are a real problem and I have looked into the matter quite extensively. But in all my dealings with bed bugs I had never heard of the little critters going up in smoke to produce a high. Read More
  • The Mystery of Dr. James Barry

    Today female doctors are not a rarity. But that wasn’t always so. And that brings us to the fascinating case of Dr. James Barry, a military surgeon in the British Army who... Read More
  • Stimulated by Paprika

    My early years were spent in Hungary so it should come as no surprise that my first venture into the world of chemistry involved paprika. Read More