• DR. JOE: Leg cramps

    Leg cramps can be excrutiating. And if you are an athlete, a cramp at a crucial time can cramp your performance. Just ask basketball star Lebron James or tennis player Madison Keys whose muscle cramps during her Wimbledon match with Simona Halep of Romania likely contributed to her loss. The prevailing wisdom is that cramps are caused by dehydration or by some sort of electrolyte imbalance brought on by exercise. And often drinking an “energy beverage” or eating a banana brings relief by supplying sodium and potassium. Read More
  • DR. JOE: Magnetic Laundry System

    Magnets are fascinating. Imagine the amazement of the ancient Greeks who discovered that some naturally occurring stones, later named magnetite because they were found in a region of Greece called Magnesia, attracted iron. The stones also quickly attracted superstitious beliefs. Magnetite was said to have had magical powers, the ability to heal the sick and frighten away evil spirits. Read More
  • DR. JOE: Cholesterol and mortality

    Well just listen to these headlines. “High cholesterol does not cause heart disease new research finds, so treating with statins a waste of time.” “Bad cholesterol helps you live longer.” But before diving into the butter and throwing out the statin pills, consider also the sobering headline, “Health experts slam study that suggests over-60s live longer with bad cholesterol.” All these headlines were inspired by a peer-reviewed article in the British Journal of Medicine entitled “Lack of an association or an inverse association between low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and mortality in the elderly.” Read More

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The “Dr. Joe Show” is the longest running “call-in” radio program on science in Canadian history. Joe Schwarcz, Professor of Chemistry at McGill University in Montreal and director of the McGill University Office for Science and Society, began answering questions from listeners way back in 1980. Where does aspirin come from? What is genetic modification all about? Should we be concerned about “endocrine disruptors” in cosmetics? Can peppermint oil help with digestive problems? Questions such as these crop up with great regularity in people’s minds and Dr. Joe helps unravel the confusion with his easy-to-understand explanations. There are also interviews galore with leading scientists from around the world.

Dr. Joe has answers to your questions about the science of everyday life, and each week also entertains and informs listeners with a multitude of stories drawn from the world of science. You never know what is going to come up. Will it be a query about removing the mustache painted on a Barbie doll by a mischievous youngster, or a criticism of an inaccurate press report about the beneficial effects of chocolate?

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