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  • Cyclists Don't Stop!

    A listener, Paul Nobile, staked out an intersection near the Lasalle Metro over the weekend and observed one cyclist after another blowing right through the posted stop sign.  Some were even towing children! Before we hear about another tragic accident, what can be done to crack down on these careless cyclists? Tommy and the Gang of 4 discuss and you can listen here and check out the video for yourself. Read More
  • Why it isn't all that difficult to raise $100,000

    Chez Doris is a drop-in day shelter for disadvantaged women. Read More
  • He still wears his sunglasses at night!

    Remember the 80s?  Well either way, surely you remember Montreal rocker Corey Hart (hint: he wears his sunglasses at night) and I had a chance to chat with him today regarding his farewell concert (tomorrow night at Bell Centre), his audition to play Marty McFly in Back to the Future and what he remembers about his 3rd grade teacher.  If you missed it, check it out here. Read More
  • The most shocking email I've received all year

    Here is the text of the jaw-dropping email I received this week about wait times in the ER. Many of you asked that I share it here and I can assure you that I've forwarded it on to Dr. Couillard for his response. I'll keep you posted. Read More

On The Show

  • Tommy Schnurmacher - Wednesday July 23, 2014

    Your chance to meet Psychic John Edwards … People Magazine called him “very intriguing.” Dr. Joe called him something else … Our Armchair Traveler takes you to the Eastern Townships … and … a registered dietitian who sings the praises of beef and cheese. She’s not too gung-ho about berries, goji or noni. Read More

Tommy Schnurmacher

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