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  • Air Canada Baggage Handlers In Action

    In case you missed it, here is the video of the Air Canada baggage handlers throwing around luggage, which was originally intended as carry on but had to be checked at the gate. Passengers on board the airplane videoed this and expressed their outrage. Of course there are two sides to every story and what we're seeing here is just one side.  What do you think?  Should those baggage handlers be fired?  Or just suspended?   Read More
  • The Candidates Debate

    Each Monday throughout the campaign, candidates have assembled in studio with Tommy Schnurmacher to debate the big issues upon which this election is based. This week Liberal Gaeten Barrette, Leo Bureau-Blouin from the PQ, the CAQ's Noah Sidel and Molly Alexander from Quebec Solidaire to give their party's perspective on Quebec's Health Care System. If you missed it, take a listen here and if you did hear it the first time, it might be worth hearing again. Read More
  • By Popular Demand

    The Friday Inbox featured a listener email that got such a huge response, we decided to post it here.  This is definitely worth a read.  Thanks to our listener Marc for such a well-written submission and I hope you all enjoy his open letter to Philippe Couillard: Read More
  • My Open Letter to Jacques Parizeau

    Dear Jacques, I have not seen you since you and the missus were dancing the Macarena at some gala at Place des Arts many moons ago. Read More

On The Show

  • Tommy Schnurmacher - Friday April 25, 2014

    Jordan Belfort, the REAL Wolf of Wall Street…was he really as depraved as depicted in the movie? We’ll ask him … plus the Political Panel will demolish the Senate … and … Ezra Levant? He’ll demolish planet Earth. Read More

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