• Tommy Schnurmacher, Jan 30th, 2015

    Former CSIS agent  and counterterror specialist Michel Juneau-Katsuya talks about the implications of giving so much power to a government agency, and answers your questions on how that will affect you.
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  • Judge rules size matters

    A Superior Court Judge just handed down a 66 page ruling – written entirely in English - siding against some two dozen small mom and pop shops that had been harassed, persecuted and prosecuted by the OQLF between 1998 and 2001. Read More
  • Is Quebec like Greece?

    Like Quebec, Greece had been living way beyond its means. Read More
  • The truth about the man behind "American Sniper"

    If you've heard about "American Sniper", the new movie starring Bradley Cooper, it's probably for one of two reasons: the Oscar nomination it received, or the incredible amount of controversy surrounding the movie and its depiction of war. Read More

Tommy Schnurmacher

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