• Is Montreal too car-friendly?

    Here's an idea that you don't hear often: why don't we get rid of Boulevard René-Lévesque entirely, and just replace the entire thing with houses? While we're at it, why not make large parts of Sainte Catherine pedestrian only, and force cars out of the downtown core? Read More
  • Helping those in need for Rosh Hashanah

    On the show today, Tommy talked a bit about a very worthy cause that is looking for support here in Montreal. We thought it would be a good idea to put some information about that cause on the show page. Read More
  • Should Mayor Coderre be above the law?

    Mayor Denis Coderre, the 44th mayor of Montreal, has certainly been a busy bee. Read More
  • Should unpaid internships be banned?

    Buried deep in the election platform of the Green Party is a suggestion that we ban unpaid internships. When I spotted this item in this morning’s Gazette, I thought to myself – now that sounds like a good idea. Read More

Tommy Schnurmacher

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