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  • Want Revenue Quebec to send YOU a cheque? this!

    This is really an amazing story. Somebody told me that the Quebec government is sitting on close to $300 million of unclaimed property. “You should check it out,” they said. “Maybe some of it is yours.” Read More
  • Was Jian's Facebook post a big mistake?

    Talk about a controversial topic! On this morning's edition of the Gang of Four, Tommy asked Dave Kaufman, Jennifer Crane and Trudie Mason if they thought Jian Ghomeshi's Facebook post was a good idea in light of everything that has come out since, and the discussion that followed was intense! While our three Gang members may have all shared some opinions on Mr. Ghomeshi, the texts that came in were about as divided as the come! Read More
  • The “incident” in St. Jean sur Richelieu

    The Monday morning hit and run in a nondescript strip mall outside St. Jean sur Richelieu was no ‘incident”. Read More
  • Bernard Drainville said what?

    Former PQ cabinet minister Bernard Drainville spent his holidays in Scotland as he wanted to soak up all the pro-independence atmosphere before the referendum Read More

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