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This brand new show promises to entertain and create buzz. Each night a different host goes head-to-head with a guest commentator. Expect strong debate, lively discussion and some laughs. Any topic is fair game- from hard news – to the latest controversy blowing-up the Twitterverse (tweet your comments to the hosts or use the hashtag #CJADx). Listen, enjoy, participate.

Dan Delmar

Dan Delmar (Monday/Wednesday) - Delmar is a news nerd with a passion for communications and over one decade of experience in print, radio, television and online media. He is the co-founder of PR consultancy Provocateur Communications, as well as a contributor with The National Post (and its Full Comment blog), The Métropolitain and occasionally on CJAD 800's sister-station, Toronto's Newstalk 1010. After studying cinema, communications, marketing and journalism, he began his professional life as a news reporter with The Suburban and has also worked as a television host on Montreal's former CH channel. He enjoys Polish vodka, pretentious cuisine and boasts about having dated two opera singers. Both sopranos, by the way. He can be reached at dan dot delmar at BellMedia dot ca. Twitter: @delmarhasissues

Matt Gurney

Matt Gurney (Tuesday/Thursday)- Matt Gurney is a National Post columnist, editor and member of that paper's editorial board. He is a regular contributor on NewsTalk 1010 CFRB in Toronto and on CTV News Channel. Born in Toronto, Matt frequently opines on political, social and cultural issues, online, in print and on the air. Matt originally intended to be a military historian, and earned a Masters degree in that field, but ultimately chose the relatively ironclad job security and lavish pay of print and broadcast media, instead. Married with a young daughter, he vaguely remembers what it was like to have free time. He can be reached at or via Twitter, @mattgurney.


  • Quebec's identity crisis may be over

    It’s no coincidence that Quebec has been mired for months, if not years in an orchestrated and profoundly unsettling debate on its cultural identity and place in the world. This “values” showdown culminated with Monday’s election and an irrefutable rejection of the Parti Québécois’ brand of soft ethnocentric nationalism. The party chose today for the penultimate referendum on identity; they’ve lost and humiliated themselves in the process.  Read More
  • What is GUARANTEED to happen after April 7*

    I'm being asked, often, what I think will happen on and after April 7. I'm really not into predictions (though I've said Québec Solidaire will win a third seat in Ste. Marie-St. Jacques* - a combination of the right social policies and an iffy incumbent), so here's the best answer I can give (and it's coming from a nonpartisan place, of course). Read More
  • Editorial: The PQ & Quebec Media

    With the arrival of media mogul Pierre Karl Péladeau as the Parti Québécois' star candidate in the working class Laurentian riding of Saint-Jérôme, questions about ties between the PQ and the Péladeau-owned Quebecor empire are multiplying. Are close links between government and media putting our democracy in danger? Read More

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