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The Exchange promises to entertain and create buzz. Each night a different host goes head-to-head with a guest commentator. Expect strong debate, lively discussion and some laughs. Any topic is fair game- from hard news – to the latest controversy blowing-up the Twitterverse (tweet your comments to the hosts or use the hashtag #CJAD). Listen, enjoy, participate.

Dan Delmar

Dan Delmar (Monday/Wednesday) - Delmar is a news nerd with roughly 15 years’ experience in print, radio, television and digital media. He has strong opinions and doesn’t shy away from controversy, as long as it's constructive, measured and doesn't disappoint his mother. He is the managing partner of PR/communications consultancy Provocateur, a contributor with The National Post (and its Full Comment blog), as well as a contributor to CJAD 800 (and occasionally with other Bell Media outlets like Newstalk 1010 Toronto and CTV News Channel). Before breaking political news, including Quebec’s “Pastagate,” Delmar studied journalism, cinema and marketing, beginning his career with Montreal’s The Suburban. He was later named managing editor of bilingual commentary journal The Métropolitain. He enjoys Polish vodka, pretentious cuisine and trolling cabinet ministers on Twitter. 

 He can be reached at dan.delmar@bellmedia.ca

Twitter: @DanDelmar

Dave Kaufman

Dave Kaufman is the host of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on The Exchange. A proud Montrealer, Dave is also a freelance writer who has written for the Montreal Gazette, the Toronto Sun and other assorted publications. He's also the co-host of The Kaufman Show, a weekly show on CJAD sister station TSN 690 that he has hosted with Jay Farrar since 2011.

A graduate of Western University in London Ontario in history, Dave also has a Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Concordia University. His radio heroes are Mitch Melnick, Terry Haig, and the late great Ted Tevan.

Dave has remained a huge Montreal Expos fan, and is on the Expos Nation committee.

Follow him on Twitter at @TheKaufmanShow.


  • New York City protests continue

    The head of the New York Police Department vowed on Tuesday to repair relations with poor and minority communities following the death of a suspect, even as protests over police violence flared across the United States. Dave Kaufman had the chance to speak with activist/author Kevin Powell. Listen above.  Read More
  • Terrorism takes two: Terrorists and the terrorized

    OTTAWA – It’s been a challenging week for Canada. Two terrorists murdered two members of the Forces in cold blood. Where do we go from here?  Read More
  • Sam Harris with Adam Shapiro

    After making headlines for declaring Islam is "the motherlode of bad ideas" on the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher, noted atheist and author Sam Harris joined Adam Shapiro for an in-depth chat to discuss why he thinks Islam is so dangerous and his conception of how spirituality is possible without religion. Read More

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