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at 03:46 on July 28, 2015, EDT.

House of Lords member resigns under pressure after tabloid exposure

LONDON - A member of the House of Lords has resigned from the chamber and apologized after he was filmed in an alleged cocaine-and-sex session with prostitutes.


at 02:19 on July 28, 2015, EDT.

Experts: Sandra Bland's toxicology report raises possibility she used marijuana in jail

HEMPSTEAD, Texas - An initial toxicology report for Sandra Bland, who died in a Texas jail cell three days after her arrest during a traffic stop, raises the possibility that she may have used marijuana while in custody, two experts said.


at 01:40 on July 28, 2015, EDT.

New York prison employee accused of helping 2 killers escape to be arraigned, plea possible

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. - A New York prison worker accused of smuggling hacksaw blades in frozen hamburger meat to two killers who later broke out and spent more than two weeks on the run will face charges in court.


at 00:04 on July 28, 2015, EDT.

1 missing after strong underground earthquake rocks Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua

JAYAPURA, Indonesia - A strong earthquake struck Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua early Tuesday panicking people with at least one teenager missing after possibly drowning in a river. Several buildings and houses were either destroyed or damaged.


at 23:55 on July 27, 2015, EDT.

Authorities say 4 killed when plane crashes in rural western Wisconsin

AMERY, Wis. - Authorities say four people have died after a small plane crashed in a field in rural western Wisconsin.


at 23:46 on July 27, 2015, EDT.

Mexico struggles to clean up surge of seaweed washing onto beaches around Cancun resort

MEXICO CITY - Authorities on Mexico's Caribbean coast said Monday they are redoubling efforts to remove tons of sargassum seaweed that has been washing ashore in recent weeks.


at 23:32 on July 27, 2015, EDT.

US, Turkey agree on outlines of plan for Islamic State-free zone in northern Syria

BEIRUT - Turkey and the United States have agreed on the outlines of a plan to rout the Islamic State group from a strip of Syrian territory along the Turkish border — a plan that opens the possibility of a safe haven for tens of thousands of displaced Syrians but one that also sets up a potential conflict with U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish forces in the area.


at 23:32 on July 27, 2015, EDT.

Boy Scouts of America end total ban on gay adults; church-run units can keep the exclusion

NEW YORK, N.Y. - The Boy Scouts of America on Monday ended its blanket ban on gay adult leaders while allowing church-sponsored Scout units to maintain the exclusion for religious reasons.


at 23:32 on July 27, 2015, EDT.

Initial autopsy finds no clear cause of Brown's death; experts say time is an enemy in case

Medical examiners performing an autopsy on Bobbi Kristina Brown said Monday their initial findings turned up no obvious cause of death, while experts said the months that have passed since Brown was found face-down in a bathtub are working against authorities now tasked with solving how she died.


at 23:07 on July 27, 2015, EDT.

After failed Boston bid, eyes turn to Los Angeles to revive hopes of another US Olympics

Boston's bid to host the 2024 Olympics was undercut by its own mayor, its skeptical public and, finally, leaders of the U.S. Olympic Committee, who were tired of the city's ever-changing blueprint.


at 23:00 on July 27, 2015, EDT.

US Bureau of Prisons agrees to recognize humanism as a religious preference

PORTLAND, Ore. - Federal prisoners who identify as humanist can now celebrate Darwin Day and get accommodations typically afforded to those inmates who believe in a deity.


at 22:58 on July 27, 2015, EDT.

Colorado theatre shooter's sister says brother's eyes, demeanour were different after attack

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - When the younger sister of Colorado theatre shooter James Holmes visited him in jail nearly two years after the attack, his eyes bulged from his head and he spoke in short, stilted phrases— a vast difference from the loving brother who protected her while they were growing up, she testified Monday.


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