Injured Als hoping from afar vs Stamps

Posted By: Rick Moffat · 7/20/2013 4:09:00 PM

Scott Flory will be watching his teammates on tv for the first time since 2000.  Andrew Woodruff is hoping to be able to watch the entire Als vs. Stamps without needing sunglasses tonight.

Both are counting on the battered 1-2 Als stepping up to halt a 2-game losing streak against the Stampeders, ending a drought since 2009 in Calgary.

Here the game live on CJAD 800 right after The Locker Room at 6PM.

"I just texted Bomben to tell him to 'just play---keep your head up, your chest out and just play'," Flory said in a phone interview with CJAD while at his son's soccer tournament back in Montreal in the hours leading up to gametime.

Surgery went well Thursday as Dr. Paul Martineau, the same surgeon who re-anchored Canadiens captain Brian Gionta's bicep to bone, has Flory encouraged that in 5-6 months all will be healed.

Next week, the only survivor from the Alouette draft class of 1998 will meet with head athletic therapist Rodney Sassi to work out the gameplan for his own recovery with an eye toward coming back even stronger in 2014.

"I want to play as long as it's fun," says the 37-year old.  "I'll be around the guys more next week and hope to be a voice and a sounding board for them."

"Scott has such respect, he can have an impact," says Woodruff.  "I envy that, he can be around the team.  I know he has more to contribute.  He’s gonna BE there for the team.”

“Scott never gets injured.  Its hard to walk away at that moment.  He’s had so many great years, I’m so happy I played with such a great guy.  Whatever the future holds, he’s so strong.  He’s definitely a role model for guys all across the league.

Woodruff's post-concussion headaches have eased and he's hoping to be working out again for fitness training in about 2 weeks.  There's no telling when or if he could come off the 9-game injured list early.

He watched last week's game with sunglasses on to sheild the eyes from glare.  Tonight his improved condition means he can set the sunglasses aside.

Als fans are hoping the rose-coloured glasses won't be needed, that the protection without guards Woodruff and Flory will hold up for Calvillo.

The reality is they're missing a world of experience: Flory has played in 8 Grey Cup games...that's more than the combined total of CFL starts for Michael Ola and Bomben combined.

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