AC on 9-game: season done?

Posted By: Rick Moffat · 9/5/2013 5:25:00 AM

Don't write off the future Hall of Famer.  Anthony Calvillo is out, but not down.  

The alltime leading passer in pro football history, and holder of virtually every other CFL passing record is on the 9-game injured list, but that does NOT mean his season is over.

This is all the official statement from the Alouettes says: 

"The Montreal Alouettes announced on Wednesday that quarterback Anthony Calvillo has been placed on the nine-game injured list for precautionary reasons. 

Every CFL team has two opportunities per season to remove a player from the nine-game injured list, and doing so remains an option for the Alouettes and Calvillo, depending on his recovery process."

GM&interim head coach Jim Popp calls the move a precaution that will provide the Als with salary cap relief in the worst-case scenario---that AC really does spend 9 games on the injured list.

In an ongoing online poll of Als fans, the majority tells they think AC should take all the time he needs, and feel no rush to retire.  Some in the media have suggested the 3-time Grey Cup champ think of his family and himself first and walk away from the game.

The truth is Calvillo is the master at slowing the game down on the field and he can take all the time in the world with this ultimate decision for his playing career.   

Every concussion, every brain reacts differently.   He's had a concussion before and was knocked out for a time.  He came back.

Many in the CFL say he has nothing to prove.  Calvillo may be thinking he has EVERYTHING to prove.  That he can overcome this.  That even at 41 he can do things few others have done.

Calvillo loves a challenge.  Don't count him out for 2014.  Or even in 2 weeks.

Tanner Marsh will start his 2nd straight game Sunday afternoon against the Argos (12:45 Countdown to Opening Kickoff on CJAD 800).  Marsh is 2-0 this season, his first victory coming in relief of Josh Neiswander.   He's brought his passer efficiency rating to 71.1, near what Calvillo accumulated during the Als' 2-5 start.

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  1. Thomas posted on 09/06/2013 12:50 AM
    It really is time for him to retire. Part of it is because he needs to think of his health before all else. Another reason is that he is being selfish, he has nothing else to accomplish. He has 3 titles, and it is really time to let another quarterback be able to develop by getting some playing time. All these years, the Alouettes never had a backup quarterback who could step right in and have the confidence of the fans and the media simply because he did not have the experience. Calvillo's backup quarterbacks for the most part were people who did not have CFL experience and would sit on the bench for basically the entire season. When a backup quarterback only comes in for short yardage situations, it does not help him develop. Even when the Alouettes brought in an experienced backup(Marcus Brady/Porter) they never got any real playing time. You can bet Adrian Mcpherson was angry when he left because he never got any serious playing time. I will go ahead and say wha everyone else already knows, Calvillo's stubbornness ruined Mcpherson's career opportunities.

    Calvillo is really selfish, he even refuses or is very reluctant to be out of the lineup in meaningless games when the team has clinched a playoff game. He even does not really want to come out of the game when the Als have a big lead late in the game. Calvillo is not as effective anymore, time to step aside and let Marsh develop properly. Please retire for everyone's sake.
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