Carl Palmer is coming to Montreal!

Posted By: Barry Morgan · 10/17/2014 3:26:00 PM

Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake and Palmer will be in Montreal in a few weeks. He shared some of his time with us today, looking back on his career and what he thinks of today's music scene.

The Muffin Lady hard at work

Posted By: Barry Morgan · 10/2/2014 2:58:00 PM

When you were in school, how did you pay for your tuition? With muffins? Didn't think so. But Rachel Chainey, a Concordia University student, is raising money to pay for her tuition by baking muffins, and a lot of them.


She can bake 250 muffins in a week. And her goal is to bake 3,000 and sell them for a dollar apiece. And so far, so good. The muffins are selling like hotcakes.


You can listen to the story and find out how to get your hands on a muffin or 2 or even 250.

Dad sells marijuana to support autistic child

Posted By: Barry Morgan · 1/28/2014 3:30:00 PM

This is a very eye-opening story. I spoke with Jim Bender of Woodstock, Ontario who admits he sold marijuana because his family is financially strapped and he is caring for his 18 year old son Jayden who is severely autistic.

When Jayden turned 18, the family stopped receiving about $1,500 from the Ontario government. That left Bender feeling desperate and he felt he had no other way to earn more money than to sell marijuana.

That ended when he was caught and now faces charges. He may or may not go to jail.

And while some will say that he deserves jail time, I disagree. Because if you put Bender behind bars, then you'll have to incarcerate the politicians and bureaucrats who have yet to figure out that families in these situations are terribly desperate and will do what they can think of to support their family.

The way many ...

Take that Bill 60!

Posted By: Barry Morgan · 1/21/2014 8:57:00 AM

Even as the hearings into the Charter of Values continue to unfold, there are many among us who want to know why we're even talking about this issue.

Well, we are talking because Bill 60 is so divisive.

But Montreal filmmaker Ari Grunzeweig has taken it upon himself to produce a video that shows health-care workers, wearing religious symbols, doing what they're supposed to do; helping people.

Hopefully, the message will be heard.

Credit: Ari Grunzeweig


Author of "Montreal sucks" blog speaks out

Posted By: Barry Morgan · 1/15/2014 3:13:00 PM

A blog written by Maxwell Turner, a philosophy student at Concordia University, has hit a nerve for very good reason.

It's called "Montreal Sucks And Everyone Knows It". Turner points out many of the city's faults, such as the infrastructure, the economy and the politics.

Listen to what he told me and see if you agree: