Guy Turcotte psychiatrist to Aaron: I'm "99.9% sure" he poses no danger

As you probably know by now, Guy Turcotte, the man who stabbed his two young children to death in 2009, will now be free to leave the Pinel Institute under certain conditions.

One of the psychiatrists who evaluated Turcotte, and recommended to the mental evaluation board that he be released, was Dr. Louis Morissette.

Dr. Louis Morissette joined Aaron an interview on Thursday. Dr. Morissette was very confident that Turcotte posed no danger to society, firmly telling Aaron that this was not the same man that murdered his children in 2009.

"But could he ever be that person again?" asked Aaron.

"No." replied Dr. Morissette. "He could never be that person again."

Among other things, Aaron also asked Dr. Morissette to respond to the fact that Turcotte's ex-wife, Isabelle Gaston, now fears for her safety.

Listen to the full, fascinating interview in the audio player on the right, and make sure to leave your comments below.

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  1. Jacqueline posted on 12/14/2012 12:53 AM
    I would like to ask all these psychiatrists and psychologists that we have around, how do they explain the fact that if a person realizes that he has killed his own children in a brutal and violent way, this same person want now a "normal" life in society?
    Shouldn't this father want to rot in jail for the rest of his life realizing what he has done to his darling children? Shouldn't he not feel tremendous remorse? Shouldn't he not want to stay alone in jail and for the rest of his life not see other parents with children? No, this father, murderer, he wants out. He wants another chance to a normal life. He might even consider forming another family. He is fine with having murdered his children. It is an act in the past that he wants to put aside and forget.
    Tell me all of you specialists, is this normal that a father that has killed his children, has the whims of wanting a normal life after just few years?
    I think that he is not a normal father, not a normal person, not fit to be in our society with real caring people. I think that if he does not rot in jail, he will in hell. As you will, because you are not seeing and confirming the evil that is in him.
  2. jt172 posted on 12/14/2012 05:14 AM
    Now that this man is cured thanks to the Dr's who rehabilitated him, it should be the LAW that he is NOW well enough to serve his time in jail for murdering his children...NOT be released. If you are deemed too ill to be responsible for your actions, then by all means, fix them up and get them well enough to PAY THEIR DEBT to society by doing their jail time!......This sickens me.....
  3. mom posted on 12/14/2012 12:26 PM
    Turcotte posed no danger to society(REALLY)
    First of all he murdered his own children,his crime does not fit his sentence.
    He was released after 46 months,what kind of message are the courts sending,I think that the doctor who evaluated Turcotte should be evaluated.
    Turcotte knows how to act insane so he can be judged on his mental Competence.
    He really played the staff to look sick then slowly on the road of recovery,open your eyes he is a well trained doctor.
    He fooled them it's like he passed a lie detector test.he knows how to act sick and
    how to slowly show improvement.
    Evaluate his doctors they all were tricked, not a good sign to have such proffessionals treating the mentally insane.
  4. Ann posted on 12/15/2012 11:25 AM
    I am outraged that Mr. Turcotte has been released. My outrage is based on the fact that this man, albeit 'rehabilitated', can actually walk out free in less than four years because he is a changed man. Where is the justice in this? How many other murders are 'changed people' but still must serve full prison terms? In the name of justice, the man should be transferred to prison.
  5. Willem B posted on 12/17/2012 06:54 AM
    Soon to be released: Guy Turcotte's book entitled "How to get away with murder"

    OK so now that he's "normal", let him do his time.
  6. 269 posted on 12/19/2012 04:50 PM
    Gross miscarriage of justice. On top of this, deluded Turcotte thinks his medical licence will be reinstated. Lucky for him he is not in the USA.
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