Why are English school boards in trouble?

While Anglopohones in Quebec decry the treatment they receive as a minority, there's a very ironic and troubling trend underway that speaks to the notion of self-flagellation. 

Instead of propping up our own institutions, and using the tools available to us to promote and sustain the English language, it turns out more and more parents who could be sending their children to English schools, are instead sending them to French schools. This, even though these same English schools offer extensive French instruction, and have gone out of their way lately to let parents know that students who attend its schools can emerge fully bilingual by the time they graduate? 

Are we shooting ourselves in the foot by not taking advantage of what's being offered to us in the English system, or is the system simply not as good as those in it profess ? And how serious a problem is this?

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  1. Anna posted on 01/22/2013 10:59 PM
    I may be wrong, but parents who are sending their children to French schools may be doing much more than affecting the current English system. If their children receive their education in French, won't the future children of present-day schoolchildren be REQUIRED to attend French schools, thus starving the English system of students even more?

    Something else -- once again, I'm not totally sure about this -- but when one buys a house or a condo in a different borough, doesn't one have to specify which schoolboard one's school taxes should go to? Maybe Anglophone homeowners are inadvertently supporting the French board instead of the English one. Something to look into, perhaps.
  2. Katherine posted on 01/23/2013 12:51 PM
    You are absolutely right Anna. English parents are mostly enrolling their children to French schools which is crippling the English school boards survive. My daughter is a French teacher in an English Immersion school in the West Island and her students are FULLY bilingual when they leave elementary. My son's children are both in the English school board and are FLUENTLY bilingual. No reason for parents to enroll their children in the French school. This is a SCARE tactic from the Quebec government (both PQ and Liberal Pary unfortunately). It is high time that the English community start thinking clearly and stop being "scared" all the time.
    That is my opinion.
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