VIDEO: Elderly couple don`t see the bear on their front porch

 There's a great video online of an elderly couple leaving a house in Southern California and walking right past a BEAR that was standing on the porch.  They didn't even notice it until it followed them down the sidewalk.  (The couple's names are Bob and Irene McKeown.  They were staying in a relative's house, and they're Scottish, so they're not used to dealing with bears.  This happened in Pasadena, where bears aren't very common, but apparently this one has been coming into town on trash days to get food.  Bob says he felt the bear brush up against his leg, and at first he thought it was the dog.  

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  1. paul posted on 01/28/2014 09:06 AM
    My friends mother had one eating at her bird feeder and she thought that it was a man in a fur coat. lucky she realized at 10 feet away that it was not human.!
    st-adele 1987
  2. Kat posted on 01/30/2014 02:09 PM
    Was hanging up clothes and my kids were playing outside. My husband came home and asked if we weren't afraid of the bear. There was a bear about 20 feet away eating bird feed. We ran into the house. My husband later took a pic and the bear turned toward him, blew air through his nostrils, the dust flew 2 feet into the air and my husband said time to get inside. 2008 St-Colomban
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