Super Bowl 2013 Commercials!

While the Ravens may have won the Super Bowl on Sunday, who won the prize for best ad? Here are some of the contenders: 


Can a Century 21 agent save a wedding? 


AXE thinks outer space is sexy apparently: 


Toyota's Super Bowl effort features "Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco playing a genie! 


Funny or just plain racist? Volkswagen attempts to prove that a German car... gives you an exaggerated Jamaican accent? 


Audi hits all the right notes with their fun, underdog story of an ad:

Kia has put together a helpful ad to help parents explain to their kids where babies come from... or maybe not. 

In this fun commercial, Taco Bell reminds us that you're never to old to party!


Mercedes Benz so far has the ad with the most star power- watch for Usher, Kate Upton and Willem Dafoe: 


And now for a commercial with comedy star power, here's Jason Segel talking about The Super Bo... whoops, "Big Game": 

Go Daddy demonstrates the value of combining smart and sexy. Featuring Bar Rafaeli (she's the sexy part): 


Hyundai helps an unlikely group of kids stand up to a bully: 

Meanwhile, Hyundai Canada imagines what a ""GASPOCALYPSE" would look like: 

Coca-Cola brings you some added competition on Super Bowl Sunday: 


Psy going... pistachio style?


Doritos can always be counted on for an engeniously wacky ad: 


Meet the cute Etrade baby:


Amy Poehler has some hilarious questions for a Best Buy sales associate: 


Bud Light chanels the spirit of Motown to help a young man do what it takes for his team: 


Here's M&Ms' love ballad (featuring Glee's Naya Rivera) 


What happens when an argument escalates in a library? 


And here's the first ad to get banned, Soda Stream's knock on Coke and Pepsi: 

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