WATCH: A better version of "Hello Kitty"?

You remember Hello Kitty fiasco of April 2014? The Internet roundly dismissed Avril Lavigne's new video and song Hello Kitty last week. Here's a refresher:

Now, there's a cover, courtesy of black metal group Woods of Trees. Does this improve on the original?

Also on the Buzz Report today:

Twitter may have helped save a Hamilton woman's life. Brooke Hamilton was having a psychotic episode on March 6 when other users noticed her erratic and sometimes erratic tweets.They engaged her in conversation, and alerted the police. Hamilton is now back on medication and is doing well - via CBC

Shelfies are now a thing, says the WSJ. A selfie is a picture of yourself - and a shelfie is an image of your shelves or desks. People have always tastefully arranged their belongings, like flowers and photographs, in artful poses. But now the world can see your handiwork, not just your friends, dinner guests and cat. One woman in New York has cultivated over 700,000 followers on Instagram - and she's since launched a photography career.

via Wall Street Journal

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