WATCH: A warning about technology

"Look Up" is billed as a "spoken word film for an online generation." The 5:27 video is written, performed and directed by London writer Gary Turk (pictured above). It's a plea for people to drop their devices and actually communicate with one another. And as far as YouTube videos go, it's pretty darn successful - racking up over 20 million views in the last 10 or so days. What do you thinK? Are we too invested in our technology?

Also on The Buzz Report today:

Avril Lavigne can't catch a break. After her latest video was lambasted online, now these photos are circulating of a cold "meet and greet" with fans in Brazil. One of the rules fans had to meet? (On top of shelling out $400) Don't touch or talk to Avril. Via Buzzfeed

A Ohio teen gets a "helping hand" when her friends start a twitter campaign called #HandforTorri to get get a bionic limb. Via Buzzfeed

PayPal's president responds after a former employee went on a rant against his co-workers. Via Business Insider

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