A bad date, livetweeted

How would you feel if your date was being livetweeted and broadcasted to a wider audience?

A bad date and a breakup both got the Twitter treatment in two separate situations recently, to hilarious effects.

Musician and writer Dave Bidini tweeted about a bad breakup on Monday, starring a couple falling apart over a a salad.

"I think we would have known each other better by now," said the the woman. "I don't even know myself," he replied. "Maybe that's the problem.


Read more here, as curated by Steve Ladurantaye of Twitter Canada.

And then you have Tanya Edwards, a writer and editor at Glamour, who eavesdropped on a date gone sour.

The icy encounter got off to a bad start when the woman sneezed - but her date did not say "bless you" or "gesundheit." He later suggested she order the salad.

Does a couple's privacy matter, or is it all good fun since it's anonymous?

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