WATCH: Seven Nation Army, yacht-style

The MSC Magnifica is a 964-ft cruise ship - and on Friday, it created the most unlikely White Stripes cover yet. The cruise ship, which is capable of transporting over 3,600 passengers, played the catchy hook of 2003's Seven Nation Army. It thrilled the crowd at Hamburg, Germany's 825th Port Birthday celebration. Thousands of people attend the event each year, which is basically a big birthday bash for the port. The cellphone footage of the MSC Magnifica belting out Seven Nation Army has been viewed over 660,000 times.

Also on the Buzz Report today:

Say goodbye to "Camera" and "Poke" in the App Store. Facebook launched the two apps to emulate the wildly popular Instagram and Snapchat apps. Facebook announced they were canning the apps on Friday. It looks like not a lot of people will miss it - via Business Insider

Scientists at Stanford University have started to study real time tweets in order to better understand earthquakes. Tech site Mashable says they're pulling data from geo-located Tweets (where the Tweet notes where you are broadcasting from) and noting the time, the number of exclamations points and type of emoticons used when people talk about seismic shifts where they are. This data will help scientists have a clearer picture of how earthquakes impacted certain areas.

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