Hungry for some donuts?

We've found a website for any Montrealer or islander who finds themselves craving a donut - if they are no where near a Tim's, or are seeking out a more high end donut. The website they need to visit is called Do Nut Stop Believing (get it?)

You plug in your current location, and it produces a map showing the nearest donut shops.

As you know, donuts have experienced a resurgence on the foodie scene of late, leading to high-end confections that you won't find at Tim's. The person behind it is a web designer named C. Liam Brown. A tasty donut on a trip to Portland inspired him to seek out the best artisanal donuts in our city. I'm probably going to grab one near me right now...

Also on the Buzz Report today:

The Egyptian government announced they will be monitoring social media for terrorism tips. Understandably, many Egyptians greeted this with mockery and scorn, notably using the hastag #WeAreBeingWatched (BBC)

And, this YouTube programmed several hard and floppy drives to create music - listen to Simon and Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence here:

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