WATCH: Can you sit through this whole video?

Brace yourself and check out the 100th episode of the YouTube comedy series "The Dojo Show." To celebrate the anniversary, they decided to show 100 different ways to attack the groin area.

Are you wincing yet?

Also on the Buzz Report:

Why are people taking photos of themselves posing with "leg guns"? asks the Guardian.

It was started by the dissident Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei, who posted an image of himself doing the pose last week, and people having been copying the meme ever since. Lots of speculation as to whether this is a political statement on the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, an anti-gun symbol - or just a dance move called the rifle leg?

Outpouring of support online for a 3-year-old asked to leave a KFC. Victoria Wilcher lost an eye and sustained major damage to her face after a pitbull attack. When her grandmother took her to a KFC in Mississippi for a snack, a manager allegedly told them that they were disturbing other customers. The Facebook page chronicling her recovery has had a surge in support after a post about the incident... and now, amid an investigation, KFC has apologized and donated $30,000 to Wilcher's treatment.

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