WATCH: 20 different problems

Multi-talented YouTuber Anthony Vincent has returned! This is the guy who covers celeb songs in 20 different styles. He's done the same treatment for Katy Perry's Dark Horse and Jason Derulo's Talk Dirty. He does all the singing himself, layering several tracks together.

Here, Anthony does Ariana Grande's summer smash "Problem" in several different, very random styles, including Elvis, Van Halen, Bobby McFerrin, the B-52s, Judas Priest, James Brown - and even Gregorian chant. Since we had so much fun with the cover song on Thursday, here's another singing medley to sweep us into the weekend!

Also on The Buzz Report today:

Danielle Davies is a New Jersey mom who's decided to document her life with Bradley Cooper - not the real version of the Hollywood actor that is, but a life size cardboard cutout of him. Davies basically schleps fake Bradley around - but he's not posing on the red carpet. He's doing simple things like - mowing the lawn, baking, going to the store.

As Danielle explains it on her blog, it's all about making dreams come true:

The fact is, while most of us don't actually live our lives with movie stars, many of us wish we did. And so, being a forward thinking American, I have taken the bull by the horns, the horse by the reigns, the cardboard cutout of Bradley Cooper by the shoulders, and just pretended that I do. This is the land of the free and the brave, where all things can happen. Especially if you make them happen. Who am I to buck the system? If I want a life with Bradley Cooper, well, then...I'll just make one up.

She says she's just a really big fan - and her kids are in on it, and even her husband Ed doesn't seem to particularly mind too much. (Today Show)

If you're in a couple, you might want to think twice before you post yet another picture of each other or a status about how much you love each other. That's because - and Not such a big surprise here - people don't like couples very much online. (Yahoo Tech)

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