A young Habs fan fights for his life

Alex is a brave boy who is battling a life-threatening illness... he also happens to be a HUGE Canadiens fan. But he's not recuperating at the Children’s, the Royal Vic or the Lakeshore General.

He’s being treated at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary.13-year-old Alex Smidt was diagnosed with meningitis in July, and has already had four surgeries. His dad, John, calls himself the “biggest Canadiens fan in Saskatchewan”, and he’s instilled that same passion in his son.

So what do you do to boost the spirits of a young Habs fan in hospital? Ask your fellow fans for support. That’s what John did when he shared Alex’s condition with the forum at The Gazette’s HockeyInsideOut.com.

He was surprised to get an outpouring of support from fellow Canadiens fans across the country, with both visits and kind words... and an offer to finally see a Canadiens game in Montreal (neither of them have been).

Well, Alex is now back home at a hospital in Regina, and John joined Dave Fisher to talk about what that support has meant for his son.

Photo via the Montreal Gazette h/t Stu Cowan

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