OMG, new hires at the OLF

Isn't it funny that in these days of hiring freezes, so many of us concerned about the economy, so many Canadians simply looking for work, that the Quebec government manages to find enough cash to hire dozens of new employees at the Office de la langue Francaise.

Thank goodness! I don't know about you, but I've lose a lot of sleep worrying about the fact that the OLF had a number of people retire. Who was going to make sure the English language, on signs for instance, was nice and small?

I'm well aware of the fact there are many people in this province concerned about preserving the French language. I'm not insensitive to that fact.

But what really gets me is that the Quebec government, a Liberal government, is going against its own hiring-freeze policy to replace 26 workers who had left vacant spots at the OLF. In fact, 69 people will be hired over a six-month period.

There was the government wringing its hands over the more than 1,000 lost jobs at Aveos. Why not hire some of those now-former workers in some capacity or another?

Nope. More money for new staff at the OLF is a priority.

And what's ironic is that the PQ isn't even satisfied, saying that if the only measure the government is taking is to replace people who've left, it's hardly an improvement.

Welcome to Quebec. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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  1. betty posted on 04/02/2012 07:52 AM
    I do not understand the hiring of all the new OLF employees either. However, not many people realize that the OLF is not legal and neither is Bill 101. For example, if i choose to put up a bilingual sign with English on top of French and the letters the same size, I legally should not be forced to pay a fine. How can they fine me? How will I pay them? My money is bilingual with English first. How can they accept that and not my sign? This can be fought in court just on that basis alone. We do not have to accept Bill 101 if we don;t want to. Also, the OLF is pushing the French only law. However, they too are accepting bilingual money. I don't believe there is any other sector private or public that is so hypocritical. I understand if they had their own country with their own monitary funds. But as it stands, Bill 101 can not legally be enforced.
    I would also like to point out that if all these members of the National Assembly are so against Canada, I would like to hear them renounce their Federal Pensions.
    Then I would respect them and say these people believe full heartedly in their cause.
    Until then, let's all be equally bilingual and proud, not afraid of a law that has no legal bearing.
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