Stop the presses: Amir Khadir agrees with Ottawa!

Tehran has a bone to pick with John Baird, taking issue with comments by the Foreign Affairs Minister who denounced Iran over religious intolerance before 14-hundred international delegates at a meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Quebec City.

The Iranian delegation responded by calling Baird arrogant and ignorant and asked how Canada would feel if Iran used an international forum to support Quebec sovereigntists.

As if that's the same thing.

Baird was speaking out against a state that, as he put it, “foments hatred against the Jewish people and it incites genocide,” calling its intolerance towards religious minorities within its own borders unacceptable.

Baird also said “Canada won’t stand still in the face of these egregious actions.”

Good for him. I say.

I spoke to MNA Amir Khadir about this tonight. He agreed with the federal government.

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  1. Mike D posted on 10/26/2012 03:40 PM
    Just wondering if Mr. Khadir ever had the painting of him and Mr. Charest framed.
  2. Carol posted on 10/28/2012 10:38 PM
    Wishfull thinking. Amir Khadir returns to Iran and straightens those people out.
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