Arm schools with armed guards

Since Friday's tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, people from around the world have been asking the same questions. How did this happen? How can this be prevented from happening again?

No one has all the answers but some say teachers and principals should be armed. Would that have prevented at least some loss of life on Friday? Maybe. But I'm not sure how comfortable I am with the idea of a teacher packing a pistol into her bag before she goes to work.

I'm also not sure what kind of training a teacher would need. But something has to be done. We can't just say this is terrible and then move on.

Gun laws in the United States have to be and will be re-examined. There's only so much President Barack Obama can do despite his best intentions. The U-S gun lobby is a poweful force and many Americans who carry firearms are law-abiding citizens.

I don't know what the answer is but here is where I would start. It's time to post armed guards in schools.

Metal detectors in and of themselves would be useless. Knowing someone is armed at a school is pointless unless there is a defense mechanism in place.

And as much as I find placing armed guards in schools very unpleasant, what else can be done? At least for now?

Armed guards are trained men and women. If a threat occurs, they can react accordingly as professionals.

Something has to be done. If we rely on Washington alone, who knows how long it will take to change the system. Years, at best.

But an armed guard or guards could at least offer a first line of defense against men who are very angry and take their emotions out against innocent people.

Something has to be done. Things have to change. Now.

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  1. jan posted on 01/15/2013 08:07 PM
    I believe the schools should invest in metal detectors placed at the front and back doors. The principals and teachers should also be trained on how to deal with a shooter. I would even go so far as to hire a guard to be positioned at the front and back doors if the metal detectors are not available. The doors should then be locked. If someone wants to leave, they will have to pass through the metal detectors and be let through the door by the guards. This is how National Defence operates (with the guard, that is). If the guard detects someone with a weapon, they should have a silent alarm that rings at the nearest police station. They would have to hire guards trained in self-defence / martial arts, and not some senior citizen looking for a job who has no training.
    Instead of paying all these school commissioner, their salary could go to paying for detectors or guards. We have to set our priorities straight.
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