Hitler poster at Montreal car show an insult!

This story was brought to my attention by Montreal resident Sam Margulies and I'm glad he made a point of speaking out against a poster of Hitler at the Montreal Auto Show.

Margulies lost family during the Second World War and was shocked that a poster of Hitler was on display at the Palais des Congres. He was also insulted and I completely agree with him.

Margulies contacted the people who ran the show and he was told they respected his opinion but they decided to display posters of people who marked a particular time in history, such as Martin Luther King Jr, John F Kennedy and Hitler.

Margulies feels, and I agree with him, that they might as well have put up a poster of Lee Harvey Oswald.

It makes little sense to me that this Hitler posted needed to be on display. If I'm at a car show, I'm not expecting to see a depiction of one of the worst mass murderers in the history of the world!

And you probably noticed I didn't attach a picture of the poster to this blog. I've seen enough of that face.


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  1. Robert posted on 01/30/2013 09:51 AM
    Martin Luther who fought for equality John f who fought for blacks and Hitler who hated and killed them hummmmm
  2. Roger Doyle posted on 01/30/2013 10:36 AM
    I do believe the Hitler poster had something to do with the fact that he created the "People's Car". I.E.: The Volkswagen. If that is the case, it is the ONLY good thing he ever did to help humanity! That being said, I still don't see it as reason enough to put up a poster. In fact, why the other ones as well? Unless Kennedy's limosine was on display, what was the point? What did MLK and JFK have to do with the history of the automobile anyeay? At least Hitler had something to do with it!
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