Stand up for your language rights!

So Pauline Marois has made it very clear that instead of governing Quebec, her main focus is sovereignty.

But a number of Quebecers are not simply going to complain; they're doing soemthing about it.

Jimmy Kalafatidis is the chairman of the Unity Group which is organizing a rally this weekend outside Marois' Montreal office. The February 17th rally begins at 12:00pm outside 770 Sherbrooke St West.

Kalafatidis joined me tonight to explain this rally is intended not only to send a message to the PQ. But to also tell members of the Quebec Liberal party and the CAQ to vote down Bill 14 in its entirety.

It's clear a lot of federalist Quebecers are, and have been, very upset with the PQ and its mission for years.

Now you have an opportunity to send a direct message to MNA's in Quebec City.

There is power in numbers. Will you be there?


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  1. Madeleine Prevost Currell posted on 02/12/2013 10:26 AM
    It has been clear to me since her election that all that woman wants is indeed sovereignty. She wants her face in history books and her statue beside that of René Levesque. And after she ruins the province, she'll be running off on the 401.
  2. FXJ posted on 02/14/2013 07:28 AM
    Is CJAD a news organization or a political/lobbying organization? Based on invitations to protest like this it seems it's the latter...

    That being said, people are free to protest. The are free in principle, although we've seen with the student strike and with occupy that we are not as free as we should...
    1. Barry Morgan posted on 02/14/2013 04:57 PM
      @FXJ CJAD is a news organization. But my show is also opinion-based. And in my opinion, the greater the turnout at Sunday's rally, the better.
    2. Simon Templar posted on 02/14/2013 07:34 PM
      @FXJ You're kidding right? The student strike showed use we were free to break the law without repercussion. It showed us we were free to break, vandalize, threaten, harass, block, entrap and discriminate against whomever we want as long as we have enough people behind us.

      Yeah, they were really oppressed. But at least it was about something important like maintaining fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution that the QC government has been using the 'nothwithstanding clause' to violate. Oh wait, it wasn't.
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