Anti-Bill 14 rally THIS Sunday

In case some of you have forgotten, there will be a rally this Sunday outside the Montreal offices of Pauline Marois calling on the government to shelve Bill 14 and calling on the Liberal party and the CAQ to make sure that happens.

The 12:00pm rally is being held outside 770 Sherbrooke St West.

Brent Tyler will be there as an 'honorable attendee'. Tyler has spent a lot of time in court challenging Bill 101 and he told me tonight why it's so important that as many people as possible also attend the rally.

Photo credit: Allen McInnis, Montreal Gazette

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  1. Chris Eustace posted on 02/18/2013 03:33 PM
    February 18, 2013

    First: Thanks to CJAD for promoting this event.

    I attended the rally ; here are some 'day-after' thoughts.

    I remember, at the close of the PQ convention, on Feb. 10, when an action plan was concocted to revive the "independence debate," Premier Pauline Marois said:

    " We have been on the defensive since the '95 referendum. From now on, we are on the offensive"

    Well, so are we, the ordinary people, worried about the economy , not language.

    Yesterday, over two hundred Quebecers met outside the Premier's office to voice concerns.

    We made it quite clear that we are taking the "offensive," and that this rally was an initial step to combat this odious proposed legislation, which, among other things, pushes families, businesses and municipalities around.

    The theme of the demonstration was equality ; the aim to convince the opposition parties, in the National Assembly, to vote against the bill.

    Hammering the point home, we concluded our "offensive" by singing a bilingual 'O Canada.'

    That said, the Parti Québécois should attack high taxes, and an embarrassing student drop out rate, rather than further wrecking debt-ridden Quebec with this unnecessary Bill 14.

    Chris Eustace (ret'd teacher)
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