The Quebec government should be ashamed

I've said it before and I'll say it again; the non-action of the provincial government when it comes to funding services for children with autism is nothing short of criminal.

I had on the show today Donny Prashker whose 3-year old daughter Rylee is on a waiting list at CROM, the West Montreal Readaptation Centre. More than 500 kids are on a waiting. This is about the government failing to come up with funds for centres like CROM and others like it. The people on the front lines have their hands tied.

When will Quebec City sit up and take notice?

The CROM's Parents' Committee has launched a campaign called "The Forgotten 500". They're sharing the stories of these children who've been left behind by the Quebec health care system.

The parents' committee has also launched a petition for the government to address the waiting list. And it will be presented at the National Assembly next week.

If you're interested in signing on, you can head to their petition at or their Facebook group.

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