We need more referendums, a lot more

It's quite clear to Quebecers that the PQ, if it wins a majority in next month's election, will hold another sovereignty referendum when it feels the time is right. But instead of wondering and waiting, we need pre-emptive referendums.

Let's call them preferendums. Because I have a big problem with someone in the hinterland deciding my future and fate as a Canadian.

So here's what could be done. Every borough, town and village in Quebec could hold referendums of their own. And the question would be; "Do you prefer your community remain a part of Canada despite the possibility of a Yes vote in a provincial referendum?"

This would make it very clear which areas want to remain in Canada and which will not. It's about how your community is feeling and that should be reflected in your community's future.

So what if a majority of Quebecers would vote to separate in a Quebec-wide vote? Those Yes voters don't and should not speak for me and decide whether or not I'll still be living in Canada.

Separatists don't share my values and my concerns. I can't allow myself to have my life dictated by them. I can't rely on separatists to decide my future. We have to decide for ourselves.

And sure, there will be areas where independance is supported. That's okay. There will be areas within Quebec where federalists are still welcome.

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