VIDEO: A Toronto man calls for legal euthanasia "My Way"

Edward Hung decided to end his life before his ALS imprisoned him in his own body.

The 62-year-old Toronto lawyer died on Sunday in Switzerland with the help of assisted suicide. In a poignant video, Hung used an iconic Frank Sinatra tune to explain his decision to friends, family and supporters. "The record shows, I took the blow... and did it my way," Hung sings, though he warns at the start "It's not a performance, because I can't really sing like I used to." "I'd like to end [my life], as is my right, as is your right, too, if one day you decide to do the same." Hung's colleague Jerry Leung told the Canadian Press they have received an outpouring of support for the video. It's not possible to embed Hung's video, but you can watch it here. You can send an email with your thoughts to The Supreme Court said in January that it will revisit the assisted suicide ban in Canada. For more about Hung and the response the video has created, head here. Does this video change your mind about legally assisted suicide?

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