Local comedians get serious about weight loss

Chris Venditto
Leah Jewer - Bell Media


Losing weight and staying fit isn't easy... for anyone.
But it gets a little easier when you have some help from a friend.
So when I heard word Montreal comedian extraordinaire (and host of CJAD's Comedy Show) Joey Elias had come up with an innovative way to help his friend lose some extra pounds, I thought this would make for some inspiring radio.
I wasn't disappointed.
Chris Venditto is a rising star on the local comedy scene, and feels it's time to drop some weight. His friend Joey Elias wanted to help out in a unique way, and so organized something of an intervention, albeit a more celebratory occasion than the word would imply.
They even had a Smiling Buddha cake, bringing the point home in a literal and appropriately funny way.
Joey's the kind of guy who goes the extra mile, and so has agreed - as have many of Chris' friends - to join him at the gym. They'll be stopping by from time to time so we can chart their progress, and share in a few laughs too.
Maybe that's the whole point about weight loss, staying fit, getting healthy etc.
Take it seriously, but not too seriously, and if you can, share a laugh along the way.

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