Your Say: A $500 fine for climbing a lamppost

Did you know you could get fined $500.00 for climbing a lamppost in Montreal? That's what happened to a man by the name of Adam Guzzo.

He was fined after he climbed a lamppost to waive the German flag after Germany won the World Cup. Guzzo told CTV News Montreal that the fine is extreme and he plans to contest it.

We talked about it this afternoon, listeners and texters weighing in. Most thought, and I agree, the fine was excessive. And many listeners were very angry, pointing out that a woman who left her infant son in a car in a shopping centre parking lot was fined only $60.00.

What do you think? Was the fine excessive?

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  1. Paul posted on 07/16/2014 06:26 PM
    Climb a lamppost $500 fine
    Abandon a child in a car on a 32 degree day $60 fine

    Good to see lawmakers have their priorities in the right place, 2 thumbs up.
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