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Why don't the Liberals and CAQ team up?

I know this is out of left field, but when you think about it, it's borderline scandalous that Liberal leader Philippe Couillard and CAQ leader François Legault don't seem to view a coalition government as an option for Quebec, however remote. 

Canadians, especially Quebecers, are not used to the idea of coalition governments (remember the Stephane Dion coalition freakout?), but they are completely legitimate and rational alternatives to deadlocked minority governments. With an election likely on the way in a matter of weeks, this idea desperately needs to be discussed.

Polls show that, if an election were held today, the result would be very similar to what we currently have; most pundits I know are also predicting another PQ minority. Why spend tens of millions one year and a half after the last election to likely obtain a similar result?

A tough sell to the population? I don't think so. "The Liberals and CAQ together more accurately represent the voting intentions of Quebecers than this PQ minority government." Period. There's your talking point, M. Couillard and M. Legault. You're welcome!

Quebec is in the midst of a social and economic crisis, and I use the word 'crisis' with sincerity. Racist attacks and bullying toward minorities seem to be becoming more common post-Charter of Values, government spending is out of control and the deficit went from $0 to $2.5-billion in a couple of months. I could go ministry-by-ministry and list the PQ's failings, but they are well-documented so I'll spare you the anxiety. 

If Philippe Couillard and François Legault don't quickly sit down to at least explore the idea of a Liberal-CAQ coalition, they will have both failed Quebec citizens in pursuing the remote possibilities of either forming a majority government and becoming Premier. When both fail, as polls predict, the consequences will be dire for Quebec and they will have only themselves to blame.

In fact, forming a coalition now would arguably be an easier path for either to the Premier's office instead of Couillard flopping, then quickly resigning and Legault failing a second time to justify his party's existence. Another election loss for either could end both of their political careers.

Rumour has it some prominent Quebecers will also be floating this idea in the coming weeks. Please, M. Couillard and M. Legault, sit down and talk. That's all I ask. 

UPDATE: All of my political friends and colleagues virtually all agree that this is not a realistic scenario. Indeed, it's a bit of a pipe dream. But it shouldn't be. A coalition would more accurately reflect the views of most Quebecers. Anyway.

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